Precum is a natural process which is necessary for smooth and pleasurable lovemaking activity but when it occurs in larger quantity it can mess up the whole activity and disrupt it, herbal treatment for excessive precum is safe and effective way to resolve the problem. Male reproductive system naturally produces and secretes few drops of white, thick and slippery fluid on arousal, this is secreted for smooth penetration and also for facilitating movement of sperms, but when this fluid is secreted in large quantity it can lead to loss of stiffness in male reproductive organ. Males suffering with this condition almost every time fail to penetrate or discharge very early. If this problem is left untreated it can lead to a depressing state where a male is no more interested in lovemaking and starts avoiding it. Herbal treatment for excessive precum can alleviate the condition in a short time and allows a male to perform in bed even better than before.

There are many reasons which can lead to this problem, weak parasympathetic nerve and congested prostrate gland are most common of them all. Parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for keeping semen locked during arousal for sufficient duration, but due to many reasons like over masturbation, deficiencies, side effects of medicines, diseases and disorders this can get weak and incapable to hold semen for sufficient duration. This problem can cause discharge of precum in large quantity to cause loss of erection or premature ejaculation. Precum fluids passed out after arousal for lubrication are produced by prostrate gland, people having congested prostrate gland pass out fluids in large quantity to either lose stiffness or ejaculate too early. Herbal treatment for excessive semen can take care of all the possible causes of the problem and provide relief in short duration.

Shilajit is one of the most effective herbal treatments for excessive precum. This herb contains vital nutrients and ensures their easy and smooth absorption to remove deficiencies and maintain higher energy levels for upbeat functioning of reproductive system. Healthy and sound reproductive system control the problem of excessive precum effectively and also infuses passion in love life. Withania Sominfera is another very effective herbal treatment for excessive precum. This herb is powerful anti-ageing supplement, it increases vitality and longevity and improves mental abilities. Its aphrodisiac properties keep reproductive system in sound health by maintaining proper hormonal secretion. It relieves congested prostrate gland and energizes nervous system for preventing excessive precum.

Asparagus adscendens is another herb which has been used in many medicines and also as single treatment for curing various sexual disorders in males. It also works as efficient herbal treatment for excessive precum. This herb improves blood circulation in the body and provides optimum energy to nervous system for preventing problems like excessive precum, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Consuming bottle gourd, fenugreek tea, curd and honey and avoiding spicy and bitter foods and tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco, supports the effects of herbal treatment for excessive precum and helps in bringing quicker and better results.

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