A cold email is an email sent to a sender for a benefit in terms of favor, revenue, motivation or any other advantage. Like, if you contact someone you don't know for some particular reason is cold email. However, cold email isn't just about sales, there are several forms of a cold email that we can witness and see in our daily lives.

Before we look into cold email uses let’s discuss what is cold email and how it is different from spam emails. As most of the people have confusion between cold email and spam email.


Cold email is an email that is sent without a prior relationship to a potential customer. You may think it's like a cold call.

Spam, on the other hand, usually goes to personal addresses and is used as attacks or scams for the purpose of gathering personal information from people.


To generate a better response from cold email, it is written in an attractive and defined pattern which is given below:

1. The conversational opening
2. Proposal for a price
3. Finish with the question


• It can generate leads
• You can get investors from a cold email
• Request bloggers via cold email for guest posts as your promotion.
• Proposal for jobs
• Promotion of your online business
• Partnerships
• Hiring
• For Sales
• Promotion of any event to people
• Press coverage for your startup
• Develop an online community on FB/LinkedIn

It can generate leads:

Sellers can use cold emails to generate new hot leads. The start of any type of sale produces a lead. Once the seller gets the lead, getting it to the sales stage is his job. These leads can be easily generated from a cold email.

You can get investors from cold email:

You're going to need funding to expand your business and you're not going to get funded just by meeting one or two investors. Hundreds of meetings are needed. You need to reach out to investors and ask them for meetings to conclude these meetings. So, you can reach out to investors through cold email which makes it very easy.

Request bloggers via cold email for guest posts as your promotion:

Cold email can be used to pitch top media bloggers to write guest posts on their websites and blogs for your promotion. As these top bloggers have quality traffic so you can get recognition from there.

4.Proposal for jobs:

It's a great way to reach those who’re interested in hiring people. Through a cold email, you can communicate yourself better with them than through texting through LinkedIn. Even, via LinkedIn, you can't be sure if they regularly check their LinkedIn emails.

5.Promotion of your online business:

There are so many software tools available to promote your online business through bloggers and resellers. If you don't promote it, they won't know about your affiliate offer. Pitching it to them is the best way to promote it. And you can pitch it through cold email.

6. Partnerships:

You want to collaborate with other organizations to do a joint webinar, incorporate technology and sell the products of each other to consumers or you want to have a business partner. All of these you can get if you put up a cold email to concerned people.

7. Hiring:

Cold emails can also help you with hiring people. If you are looking to hire someone for a job then you can send them an invitation. Hiring top-quality talent that isn't on LinkedIn and you want to be different from the other HR people who bombard talent on LinkedIn then cold email is a great option.

8.For Sales:

Yeah, you can sell your products through a cold email. Start a talk with a customer and market your item in the future.

9.Promotion of any event to people:

Targeting specific people and informing them about an event you are hosting is a good way to get people to attend your event.

10.Press coverage for your startup:

Pitching or asking for permission from journalists to pitch and get coverage for your startup/business.

11. Develop an online community on FB/LinkedIn:

Let’s say you want a specific community to be created. It's a great tactic to enter your FB group to hyper-target specific people, particularly if they need to join.

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