You have long dreamed of this day. Ever since you were a child, you envisioned your dream wedding, and now that the day is approaching, you want everything to be perfect on time and want to capture that beautiful moment for lifelong. The day of your wedding will come, and it will pass, and the joyous celebration will be a favourite memory that is best preserved by professionals who understand how important and meaningful these memories are. For the past many years, Amit Mahendrubest photographer in Lucknow and his highly qualified team of wedding and event photographers have been capturing the solemnity and joy of weddings and other life events. Our treasured clients in the past, have been extremely satisfied with the beauty and artistry of our work, and we are extremely proud of our catalogue of photographs containing examples of the quality of work that we do.

Being a famous photographer I understand it becomes hard to understand that from where should a new photographer start their career there are few guidelines discussed below by Amit Mahendru:-

•Assist the professionals:- Every time learning from your own experience is becoming very monotonous learning if you are in rush to serve best to everyone so the better idea is being an intern of a professional wedding photographer who can guide you and answer you're every question regarding your photography’s concern.

•Accompanied by other photographers:- Talk and go on a trip with other professional photographers. It will teach you so many things you need to learn about photography. There are so many things which get rest so those things are fulfilled by those friends and you can easily keep yourself updated with new ideas and technology.

•Learn to work with a different type of light:- The best photographer must know to capture the clicks in any ambience. You must have to know what things you should carry with yourself which would be needed to click pictures. You must have knowledge about where to bounce the flash and use of flash in different lightings. What settings your camera required in low lights and high intensity of lights. All these small things make a normal photographer best in the industry.

•Flash and continuous filming mode:- You must know to use your flash. Flash is a very powerful gadget you get attached to your camera. It provides you best result by maintaining the number of lights. You can also use continuous photoshoot mode to capture lots of pictures instantly. So many times in results you get the best pictures in your photo memory chip.

So here are a few guidelines given by Amit Mahendru for the people who are going to start their careers in the field of photography.

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