Dà-Jiāng Innovations, known as DJI, is a technological company based in China, having manufacturing facility all over the globe. DJI manufactures Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones. DJI also captures about world’s 70% of the drone market. If you think drones are being still used only by the military people, then you need to think again. Their importance is being realized from insurance companies to construction sector. It is believed that their usage will expand into other sectors as well, in a manner that we can’t imagine.

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Various unusual ways in which drones can be used

Imagine all your orders being delivered right at your doorstep, not by delivery boys but by company drones! How interesting would that be! Not only will it be exciting thing to watch, but will also reduce the delivery time by a great extent. If you think this is impossible, then you will be surprised to know that companies are giving serious thoughts on this very idea. Drones can make your life easier and get things done in a jiffy. There are various drones and equipment like DJI inspire, DJI matrice and DJI Osmo for you to choose from. Here are some unusual uses of drones:

1.Film and video: Drones are being used extensively in film industry. When you watch a movie, do you think what takes those breathtaking aerial shot? The answer is of course nothing other than drones. Today drones are capable of taking pictures of amazing quality from a very high altitude. There might come a time, in the near future, when drones will be able to shoot a complete scene without the help of a ground controller. What science and technology can achieve is beyond our imaginations.

2.Drones for real estate: Drones are also being used extensively in real estate. They are being used by realtors to capture video footages and images of properties from high above. This can be game changing in the field of advertisement of such real estate properties. This technique can also improve the marketing plans of big real estate companies.

3.Drones for wildlife conservation: The wildlife conservationist have come up with an interesting way to attract the California condor back to its natural habitat. These vulture species had been moving away from their habitat in search of dead animals. Thus, the conservationist placed trail of dead cows in the direction of California condor’s habitat to attract them. Drones were flown in circles above the vultures to make them move towards the carrion.

4.Ambulance drone: This particular drone has been designed to reduce the amount of casualties that result from unseen health emergencies like stroke and heart attacks. This drone has been developed to reach the affected individual super-fast, to give them basic first aids before the ambulance arrives at the spot. The drone has two-way communication system, a drawer with good quality first-aid kits and a video camera.

These are a few unusual uses ways in which drones are being used today for fulfilling difficult tasks. The scope of drones in the future is unimaginable. With improved technology, they can be used to achieve the impossible.

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