It is understandable how hard it can be to part with old things due to all the memories attached to them. Your old car might remind you of the times when you first bought it with the hard earned money or of all the family trips you have taken together. However, one has to part with old memories to make space for the new ones. Giving away your old car is not only necessary but also economical. It is always better to buy a new car rather than spending money on the old one. No matter how much you try to fix it, something or the other will go wrong due to the wear and tear over time.

Choosing a car removal company will not only reduce your expenditure, but you will also receive money in return. There are various car removal companies that remove old and damaged cars and also give cash for scrap cars. Scrap Cars is such a company based in Newcastle. Their main aim is to provide impeccable service in car removal all across Newcastle.

Reasons why you should choose a car removal company for environment’s sake:

The reasons for choosing a car removal company are not limited to freeing up garage space and car removal for cash. Keeping a very old and damaged car can be an eyesore for your neighbours. On a more serious note, it can also affect the environment in some negative ways.

Here’s how removal of your old car can be beneficial for the environment:

1.Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): VOCs are toxin that can be found in car components. They are known for causing health issues in the body of human beings. VOCs tend to have a serious effect on the environment too. They get released into the environment in form of vapour or through runoff water. Once this vapour is released into the atmosphere, it starts depleting the ozone layer by slowly breaking it down. Thus, keeping a very old car within your house won’t be a very wise thing to do.

2.Heavy Metals: There are various environmental issues associated with heavy metals used in car parts. The mining of such metals for making the car parts causes them to enter runoff water. This water then flows into oceans, seas, lakes, ponds etc. This, in turn, leads to water pollution and increases the level of scarcity of this resource.

3.Proper Recycling: Whenever you are choosing to handover your old car to a car removal company, you are basically ensuring that majority of the parts get properly recycled. These companies take your old cars to mainly recycle the old parts and turn them brand new. These recycled parts are then used in new cars. Thus, this prevents the car parts from ending up in landfills, adding on to the solid wastes that take decades to decompose.

4.Air Pollution: An old car necessarily means old technologies which are not efficient as the new ones. Such technologies poorly handle the effluents and harmful gases produced due to burning of diesel and petrol. Thus, old cars tend to release more harmful substance, like carbon monoxide, into the air, causing some serious air pollution.

These are a few reasons which show why you should choose a car removal company to protect the environment. Being a member of the community, it is your ultimate responsibility to protect the environment. Thus, if your actions reduce the wellbeing of the other people in the community, then you have to take responsibility and put an end to it. Old cars not only occupy your garage space, but also pose a serious threat on the environment. Thus, giving it away to car remover and receiving money in return is the best possible scenario.

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