One of my biggest workout motivators is trying out the latest trends.  If fitness stayed stagnant, it would be way too boring.

2017 was all about mindfulness: yoga, meditation, and overall mental health.  While these trends will most likely continue, there are a lot of exciting things just around the corner.  Here are just a few trends that really excite me for 2018.

Technology: Apps and Artificial Intelligence
With so many apps available in the fitness sector, we're demanding more.  In the fitness world, the biggest differentiators are apps that have communities, good content, or artificial intelligence.  Athletes are willing to shell out money for better quality, so be on the lookout for pricier applications offering high-quality training and advice.

Rest and Recovery...the Smart Way
Recovery has always been important, but it's been gaining momentum since the end of the year.  Top performing athletes and their coaches have been emphasizing the importance of rest.  More research has allowed everyone to recover better and faster.  A lot of the technology brought forth looks interesting and fun to try.  There's the KT TAPE Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball and the Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller.  All in all, recovery has gone way beyond a few simple stretch moves.

Intermittent Fasting
I was intermittent fasting before it was cool.  Hugh Jackman and The Rock have been helping to steer intermittent fasting towards a mainstream fitness habit.  I.F. helps promote body maintenance and weight loss.  I recommend downloading Zero if you're looking to track your fasting habits.

Playground Classes
Earlier this fall, my friend and I went to Switch Playground in New York.  The class was packed, and I think that a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's a full body workout that feels like, well, like you're at play.  The experts say "play and mindful movement" is here to stay.  People are just having too much fun doing it.  I agree.

Optimizing Diets and Workouts With DNA Testing
Those DNA sites are proving more than your 3% Sumerian heritage.  Determining your genetic makeup will become the new way to customize your workout, sleeping, and diet habits.  However, this doesn't mean DNA testing is a magic bullet.  Daily habits will always trump your genetics.

Exercising With Your Dog
Dogs are everywhere.  In our airports, memes, and now...workout class?  Running with your dog is an option.  So is cat yoga.  Incorporating pets into our workout isn't just good for us, it helps extend their lifespan.  There's definitely a new need in the market, so be on the lookout for these classes.

Customized Running Shoes
If we prefer to personalize our workouts, why wouldn't our shoes get the same treatment?  Recently, Brooks Running partnered with HP and Superfeet in the push for customized running shoes.  Head to a running store with the HP Fitstation to scan your foot, analyze your gait, and measure foot pressure.  Then, voilá - you have the perfect running shoe built just for you.

LIIT Cardio
HIIT cardio has been around long enough for us to have developed a love/hate relationship with it.  20 minutes of burpees and sprints is exhausting and mentally draining.  This summer, we learned that HIIT has a more likable cousin: LIIT cardio.  It can be as easy as taking a walk - all you have to do is add a little more time (30-40 minutes), add some twists and turns, and walk at various speeds.

Wearable Tech in the Classroom
Most boutique gyms and classes offer wearable tech to their patrons.  If trickle down has taught us anything, this will be available on a massive scale very soon.  Wearable technology can show us just how hard we're working.  It also helps get some healthy competition going when we can see the performance of our other classmates.  Just try not to keep up with that guy that has a 12-pack.

What fitness trends have you excited for 2018?


Author's Bio: 

Hannah is a business school graduate, New Yorker, and an avid marathon runner. To date, she has finished over ten marathons including the Boston Marathon. With over a dozen years of competitive running under her belt, she began a running blog called She hopes to give runners an honest opinion of what has worked and what hasn't by calling upon her own personal experiences.