Thermostats are programmed to help you make big savings on your heating and cooling costs. This is the main reason why it’s highly popular and owned by homeowners around the world, especially in the cold countries. The truth or logic behind the theory of energy savings by thermostats boils down to whoever is in control of the device and whether they are using it efficiently. Though they are pretty much straight-forward devices to use, there may be certain habits or myths which don’t make you get the best use out of them. These may be turning up your thermostat temperature unnecessarily, keeping it at a low constant, etc.

So, even though thermostats are one of the most important and effective devices to keep you warm and cosy all through the freezing winters, and help you save up on your energy bills, a few mistakes can cost you all of that. But more so are the times crucial when you are operating your thermostat efficiently, and yet it isn’t giving you the optimum results. That’s when you need to carry out sensible, efficient troubleshooting which shall tell you what exactly is wrong with your touch screen thermostat. Heatwell Ltd. is an Auckland based supplier of all kinds of thermostats, be it manual, automatic or touch screen. They also offer the installation and servicing of your thermostats and floor heating systems in the most cost-efficient way.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your thermostat

Imagine it’s a cold, freezing kind of a Monday morning and you reluctantly get yourself off the bed, only to be greeted by an icy cold bathroom floor. That’s a pretty cold nightmare, right? Well, that’s precisely why you need to ensure that your thermostat is working properly and doing its job of bathroom heating. If that’s not what’s happening, and you are living your nightmare, you start to wonder what is wrong with your device. That’s when you need to do some troubleshooting which will help you decide if the issue is easy to handle or do you need to replace the entire unit.

1. Check the batteries: The very first thing that you need to do when you thermostat isn’t working up to the mark is to check its batteries. It may be because of dead batteries that your thermostat isn’t working. In such cases, you need to remove the old batteries and place in new ones, to see if that solves the problem.

2. Proper programming: One of the most common and probable mistakes people do when using a thermostat is not having it properly programmed. You might be of the idea that it is, but in reality, it’s far from that. Or maybe the setting got changed by someone else. So, it may be that the settings are off which isn’t allowing your thermostat to function properly. So, take some time in hand and make sure to check the thermostat with great care and attention to detail.

3. Loose wires: The next thing you should do is check the device for any loose or disconnected wires. If such wires come into your notice, you might want to reinsert them back into the unit, and tighten them up. Most of the areas come with a screw, tightening which will ensure the correct positioning of your wires, all in place.

4. Signs of corrosion: And finally, you need to be on the lookout for signs of corrosion or damage. If you notice signs such as rust, dents, fraying wires, you should get the unit replaced as a whole, without attempting to fix it. Such a damaged thermostat takes the form of a fire hazard and shouldn’t be used further. Replacing the unit shall ensure that you are safe and your thermostat will be working perfectly.

So, these were some of the main tips that you could put to use when you are experiencing thermostat troubles. These will help you detect what the problem exactly is, and thus, help you solve it and get your thermostat back in shape in no time. So, ready for some trouble shooting?

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