We all want our homes to look the best, be it for fetching in compliments or customers. And one of the most crucial elements that ensure the same is updating the flooring in our homes. There are quite a few options to choose from -- like timber, hardwood, tile, bamboo etc. -- but not all offer the same benefits. When it comes to bamboo floors, it looks great in any home, and is an excellent choice if you want a material that has better green credentials (as compared to wood or composite flooring). But, with everything so good about it, you must surely be wondering whether it costs an arm and a leg. Well, thankfully for you, it does not.

Bamboo floors are much favourably priced than hardwood floors, making them great value for your money. Bamboo makes an excellent choice for flooring, it being an attractive and sustainable alternative to traditional hardwoods. Bamboo floors are super versatile, have the same look as hardwood, and yet don’t break the bank. And that's not all! There are plenty of benefits more! So, it's time you give your homes or business places a much-needed makeover with a new bamboo flooring. Plantation Bamboo are specialists in just that. They are well known for providing the best of quality bamboo floor solutions at the best of prices.

Top reasons to choose bamboo floors

As a homeowner, you are presented with so many different flooring options. Though there may be a majority of the population choosing laminate flooring in Auckland, there's also a great eco-friendly alternative that’s getting popular by the day. Yes, we are talking about bamboo floors which give an amazing, neat and refreshing look to any home. They will effectively complement all kinds of décor, and make each of the accent pieces stand out against its neutral frame. To be honest, they have a long list of benefits for the owner. Read on to know all about it:

  • Water resistant:
  • No, we won’t state that bamboo is 100% resistant to water damage problems like mildew and mould, because it isn't. But yes, it does a far better job than many other flooring materials. Bamboo is quite efficient in preventing water damage, warping and staining across the floors.

  • Durability:
  • These floors are unimaginably strong, hard and durable. Once installed, they will serve you loyally for years to come. They are at least 3 times more durable than oak wood. In all probability, you may never have to refinish a bamboo floor (while a wooden floor needs to be refinished at least once every ten years).

  • Eco-friendly:
  • Bamboo is a natural product, coming straight from natural vegetation. This implies that the bamboo plant (being renewable) can grow up to maturity in just three to five years. On the other hand, hardwood trees takes at least 20 years to mature. So, you can yourself conclude which is a better ecological option.

  • Aesthetically appealing:
  • One of the main advantages that homeowners get most excited about is the terrific looks of this flooring. They complement any kind of decor, whether it's in a modern or a traditional setting. Bamboo floors will make your home stand out and significantly raise the value of the entire property.

  • Easy maintenance:
  • Once the floors are installed, you have to do very less to upkeep them. All you will need is a sweep or a vacuum cleaning once in a while to keep it spotless. They lead to no additional maintenance expenses over its lifetime and you can just install it and forget about it.

  • Resistant to termites and many other detrimental factors:
  • Bamboo floors are highly resistant to termites, and can also keep out allergy causing dust mites.

    So, these are the best advantages that a bamboo floor has over other kinds. If you want to be a homeowner and enjoy all of this, it's time you call a floor specialist, and get a bamboo floor installed today.

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