As we all know that dogs are man's best friends it is highly recommended that you take any decision regarding your dog with utmost care. It is immensely important to find out exactly what type of breed you are looking for and will suit you as per your space and lifestyle. There are so many things that need to be considered before choosing a dog for yourself. Here is some information that will prove to be useful in this regard.

Lifestyle - If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is not likely a good idea to choose a dog that requires best of diet or who requires a great amount of care. If you are an athletic person go for a breed that likes fooling around outdoors. It would be good for your health as well.

Size - The size of dog can be decided as per the availability of space. Large dogs like Doberman's, Mastiffs or German shepherd's will require more space to roam around. It will sound quite impractical if you have giant dog living in small apartment with your family. It will become quite difficult for you as well as for the dog to cope up.

Personality - It is recommended to take your personality and lifestyle into consideration before choosing a dog for yourself. There are basically two types of personalities in human beings. Firstly, those who like indoor activites and the second ones are those who ike outdoor activities like playing and hiking. So before choosing dog for yourself you need to considered those personalities and lifestyle traits.

Budget - Budget is also one of the important thing you need to take into account as the finest breeds of dogs tend to be expensive. Budget plays a significant role when you make you mind to buy a dog. A small dog would fit into your budget and a mid sized dog can be affordable as well. Moreover, if you living a luxurious life then you can choose any of your favorite dog breed.

There are some dog breeds which are suitable for families with small children as compared to others. But if you have small kids at your place then you need to be little careful while chosing one. Some dog breeds are perfect for families. But there are others that don’t like to be handled a lot. Sometimes kids are not comfortable to cuddle or have playful activities with their dogs. Some dog breeds will be more prone to bark, or dig. So all these things you need to keep in mind while buying a dog or this can be harmful in future. Dogs have to be trained in every manner such as obedience, and leadership for them to be well rounded. However, it is the responsiblity of dog owner to train a puppy to grow into an obedient dog. All puppies will test their boundaries. They all chew, dig, and bark to some degree. There is no such thing as a perfect dog.

In short, while choosing a dog breed you need to research dog breeds activity level, grooming needs, and dog behavior.

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