Lack of energy and heart health has become a common and constant issue. CoQ10 is the element that helps a person retains all the energy produced through cells and also safeguard heart health. It is extremely important that one’s body contain CoQ10, which regulates the stamina level and increases energy, along with supporting the nervous and immune system. CoQ10 also plays a vital role and acts like an extremely powerful antioxidant which in turn prevents free radicals from damaging the cells. CoQ10 is said to possess the ability of endurance, and as result help cells battle the harmful oxidation effect.

About the product

We offer a supplement called NASA BEAHAVA which has been provided with a high rate of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). It is basically a high retention formula which is made up of 100% natural coenzyme with 400 mg per serve. You need to intake 2 capsules to reach the suggested threshold. The formula we provide is of high retention CoQ10 formula, which is obtained in a natural way and has been stuffed with 400mg per serving and has been recommended the said serving per day.

Our offer

We provide the best of the offer on Amazon. The pack we manufacture and trade consist of 200 capsules of extra strength CoQ10 (200mg). We provide a special offer of a money back guarantee for 30 days after the day the product is delivered. Our offer is the best as we provide much more dosage per day and in an affordable range as compared to other companies which provide 200mg per day in a higher price range.

Benefits of CoQ10

1. Some other benefits of CoQ10 include strong circulatory system as well as overall heart health.
2. CoQ10 also is known to help boost energy and alongside heal any of the issues caused in the course of exercise.
3. The greatest benefit CoQ10 provides is that it lessens the effect of aging and this helps cope fatigue issues.
4. It also helps maintain the healthy blood pressure of the body keeping the blood circulation common and constant.
5. The items we provide are of 100% guaranteed good quality, made from the most natural ingredients with absolutely no fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients.

Quality assurance

The product we provide is naturally made and hence, is free of unnecessary fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients. This is to ensure there are no side effects or after effects at the end of the consumption. The supplements we provide undergo extensive quality control testing prior to the bottling and selling process. This is an assurance in itself that the product you are been sold is up to the mark in terms of quality.

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