What is the 5 letter word dreaded by service-based professionals world-wide?


We hear it everywhere. Narrow down. Niche. But why should we?

Narrowing down your niche is a vital piece to marketing. One of the biggest reasons why people resists is they don’t want to turn anyone away. A niche is only a marketing tool, it doesn’t exclude anyone. In fact, it will attract more people to you than without it.

So, what is a niche? A niche is a target audience + the solution you are offering or the challenge they are experiencing. Although people often confuse a target audience with a niche, it’s only part of the overall equation.

Here are 5 reasons why defining your niche is so important.

1. Your message will be heard by the people you want to hear it.
Between TV, radio, the internet and email, we get over 3000 messages a day. We can’t absorb all that information, so we have natural filters. If it doesn’t affect us, we don’t listen. So your message has to hit certain emotional triggers that will grab your target audience’s attention and keep it.

2. You will be able to understand what products and services to offer.
A big mistake service professionals make is spending a lot of time and energy on creating programs, services, and products they think there is a need for. The only problem, they don’t know for sure because they haven’t done any market research. By narrowing down your audience you can do the research to truly understand what they are looking for.
Your target audience is already out there looking for solutions to an issue they are experiencing. By understanding what your target audience is experiencing, what their needs are, and what they are looking for you will be able to address those needs by offering products and services that answer their question.

3. You will know where to find your target audience.
This is something service professionals struggle with all the time. Where do I find my clients? Well, it’s hard to find them if you don’t know who you’re looking for. By understanding your target audience and what they are experiencing you will understand where they gather. What groups do they join? Where would they go to look for a solution to what they are facing? What organizations do they belong to? What other businesses are already working with them? By answering these questions about your target audience and understanding what their needs are you will be able to identify where some of the most accessible places to find them are.

4. You will be able to speak to their needs speaking in their lingo.
We are naturally attracted to people like us. People who think like us, feel like us, speak like us. It makes us feel as though this other person understand us. But, if you aren’t using the terms your audience is familiar with, if you’re not speaking in the same lingo, using familiar phrases, then you’re not making that crucial connection they are looking for.
By narrowing down, you will be able to immerse yourself in your target audience’s culture and speak to what they are experiencing. This is a big one and one that many people underestimate. What marketing, our job is to draw an emotional connection depicting what your target audience is experiencing? What are their thoughts? What is keeping them up at night? Our words will draw a picture if they are familiar with the words we are using. I’m not talking about talking down to people. I’m talking about using the language, terms, phrases, they would use to describe their situation. If you don’t, it’s not going to resonate with them.

5. You will develop a strong Know, Like & Trust factor.
People have to know you before you will get their attention. To get their attention you have to know where they are at and what they are experiencing. People have to like you to listen to what you have to say. As I’ve already stated, we like people like us. And people have to trust you before they will buy. People will only trust you if they feel like you understand them and their problem. If they don’t feel understood, why would they spend their hard-earned money on someone who doesn’t understand what they are going through?
So now that I’ve shown you the benefits of why you should niche, what’s stopping you? This well-known “secret” is a proven way to gain more clients faster. Define who your target audience is and what they are going through so you can create a strong message that’s going to open more doors to success.

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