Who isn’t interested in Financial Freedom? Some people know they are, some people say they are not and some people believe Financial Freedom is wrong! Most people would agree a large percent of individuals today, are interested in Financial Freedom, yet believe it is not possible. In fact, they might even feel pretty sure that it is definitely not possible with today’s rough economic times!

As a Licensed Certified Social Worker my drive to help others as much as possible has kept me interested in helping others find Financial Freedom as well as emotional health. After 25 years of private practice, assisting others in resolving their issues and reaching their personal goals I honestly believe if more individuals created financial freedom for themselves they would feel better about themselves, their lives and be more inspired and motivated to help change the world for the better!

As I started to study who was making 6, 7 and 8 figure incomes these days, despite economical hard times, I began to realize several common threads among Financially Free and Successful Entrepreneurs. I also discovered several similarities among the other 97% of their followers who are still struggling and missing several of the necessary puzzle pieces to make sense of it all.

The most obvious thread among Financially Free and successful Entrepreneurs I discovered was that all of these individuals had developed their leadership skills and were eager to share with others by educating and guiding them. Yet, for many individuals the first step toward leadership is committing to Being Your Best Possible Self Now. All of the Financially Free and Success Entrepreneurs had realized and lived through the decision of taking a risk, stepping out of their comfort zone and committing to constant and never ending self improvement while planning on discovering their best possible self. They had discovered that stepping up to and into leadership was the best way to go.

All of the Financially Free and Successful Entrepreneurs I met had really big hearts, love people, want to make positive changes in the world and had made this commitment to themselves to be a leader by being their best possible self now. They had educated themselves, studied, became action oriented, became results oriented, worked long hours, talked to hundreds of other successful people and worked consistently on improving themselves. They found a coach and or mentor they trusted and admired and modeled their mindset, skill set and proven systems.

Interestingly enough they all openly admitted they had spent thousands of dollars on hiring effective and qualified coaches and mentors. So if you are looking for your 1st step toward your Financial Freedom and Success, consider it is committing to Being Your Best Self Now!

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Still not convinced, interested in a sneak preview? Learn how the main character, You Never Know commits to constant and never ending improvement which invites him to commit to leadership and being his best possible self. See and feel how You Never Know enjoys the valuable guidance and help from his hired coach, Been There Done That and finds himself on the journey of his life which leads to the high places! Meanwhile his old friend and buddy, I Can’t Do That remains in the lowlands of doubt, fear and regret! Identify yourself and your Financial Freedom and Success journey in each of the main characters! Who will you Be? How will you show up on your journey of a life time?


Dr. Mary Oz

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Mary O has been a LCSW Social Worker for the past 25 years and  Certified Life Coach for the past 9 Years.  She has managed a successful Private Practice in which she enjoys helping others create meaningful and massive change in their lives and the lives of others!  She believes in playing full out each and everyday in everyway possible.  Dr. Mary O also has her Doctorate in Social Work and has had the rare opportunity to be trained as a coach by Anthony Robbins Coaches and team.  She can often be found these days writing allegory e books that are inspirational and educational! http://beingyourbestselfnow.com/success-sales-page and www.beingyourbestselfnow.com