“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.”

- Oprah Winfrey.

Seriously, could there be such a thing as a secret to success? It could be as much a secret as looking for one’s shadow with the sun right on top of us. You wouldn’t find one. And if you can’t find one, why bother about one?

There is thus no secret to life other than a goal and the persistence to reach for it at all costs.

On the significance of this quote, and why one should not look for the “big secret”, the following could be essential pointers:

It’s simply a waste of time.

Seriously, can you ever think of anything that can help you achieve your goal(s) besides focus and hard work? Over centuries, everyone from King to Pauper has said and gone that there is NOTHING AS A SECRET when it’s about success.

God too is known to be helpful to those who help themselves. That being so, there can’t possibly be any secret to success. Like all short-cuts which cut short one’s valuable time and patience, looking for secrets just takes away one’s focus and perseverance. One might as well remain silent and not do anything other than look for something that does not exist in the first place.
It makes a person a fatalist.

Following quick-fix solutions is a sure way of finding failure. Doing it too often may make a person a fatalist. Statements like “I worked so hard at the secret of success but attain nothing” could be a common statement.

Invariably, this statement is followed by another and equally horrid statement: ‘it’s just my luck, my fate!’ Put together, you end up a complete fatalist! Instead of falling for such a statement, one should ideally set goals and work hard towards achieving them. With patience and positivity, everyone who works hard WILL find success at some point- if not immediately.
It takes away focus from hard work into smart work.
Smart folks look for smart ways. Including secret mantras for success. But do they find any? In practically every case, they come back to the point of origin with ZERO results. But for the persistent few in the line of smart work, this could be a mindless life pursuit that could make them silly losers and nothing beyond.

It thus makes immense sense to do two things. First, create clear achievable goals, and second, work hard towards achieving them. With all calculations and conditions being taken care of, goals should be achieved even if it takes time.

It could make a person devious and crooked to achieve results.

For those looking for smart secrets, the other path (other than being silly losers) which too leads to downfall, is that of going devious and crooked. By design, most short-cuts cut short the essentials on the way to reach the goal. It is a fairly obvious fact that those who achieve goals without hard work do so with the help of subterfuge.

That said, anything done without learning the essentials (which comes ONLY when one works hard!) won’t take one on the path of success for too long. Sooner or later you either get caught or other catch on, and one loses the so-called ‘first-mover’ advantage.
In the end, everything comes back to the beginning. If like what Oprah says, one sticks to goal setting and hard work, success is guaranteed. Otherwise, it could just be back to square one to start all over again.

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