How powerful is a live chat support? Let us explain it in the easiest way possible!

Imagine you are in a store, intending to get an i-phone for yourself which you had been planning for months. Finally, you have gathered the courage for the big deal. You stand there, looking at it, boxing off your enlightened thoughts on how that money, with which you are pampering yourself could go towards the house, car, or kids.

Nobody approaches to have a word with you but your eyes keep staring at that i-phone as you head towards the door unwillingly, ready to leave.

Then suddenly a clerk approaches you, shares his positive reviews on his tablet and even gives you the discount because of previous purchases.

You were about to leave had that clerk not stepped in!

This clerk in the shop is same as the live chat agent on your online shopping excursion. This example would have made it easy for you to understand why live chat in real time is effective. It soothes the customer experience as they get their queries to be answered and problems solved with minimum efforts.

According to a statistic by The Baymard Institute around 68% of online visitors abandon the shopping cart.

Another survey conducted by IMShopping shows that even in the digital scenario, shoppers want real people available to help purchase products.

There are two primary reasons for customers preferring chat support:



Getting the real-time assistance helps the customers to have an influence on their purchase decision too. People who are new to live chat also admits that interacting with a live chat agent would increase their chances of buying.

The main reasons they have a penchant for live chat are as follows:

If the customer would get a discount or free shipping

A dedicated invitation bracketed with a buying incentive message

If the phone system reminded callers of live chat’s availability

The most prominent reason customers are not using online chat is just because the sites they are surfing simply don’t have it. For sure they are losing business and their potential customers to those who have live chat incorporated on their websites.

Don’t lose your potential customers. Opt for live chat asap!

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