If you want to achieve the goal of becoming a physician, you need to invest your efforts, energy and time to fill your resume with meaningful experiences. To become a competitive medical school applicant, you need to participate in different volunteer opportunities and premedical clubs which give you a deeper insight into the field of medicine.  

Working as a medical scribe, emergency medical technician, and care extender will help you hone your clinical skills and bolster your medical school application. Shadowing a doctor is more valuable than any other experience that will help future physicians to determine whether medicine is the right fit for them. In addition, shadowing a physician will help you gain a strong letter of recommendation which is one of the major admission requirements for getting into the best Caribbean medical school like Windsor Caribbean Medical University. Premedical students can find shadowing opportunities in different medical centers, clinics, operating rooms, universities, and hospitals.  

If you are interested in medical school, now is the time to look for different shadowing opportunities and strengthen your personal statement which will eventually make the medical school admission process easier.

How to Find Shadowing Opportunities

Being a medical school hopeful, you should start searching for opportunities before the medical universities start receiving applications. If you are an undergraduate student or have recently completed your premedical program, you should start your search by meeting with a premedical advisor or medical school graduates, visiting different websites, medical schools, hospitals, and undergraduate institutions.

Some hospitals have affiliations with medical schools that offer summer programs. Students can join these summer programs as it is a great idea to gain some shadowing experience to hone your medical knowledge, clinical skills and bolster your medical school application. You can reach out to your family physician who can help you connect with a network of physicians. Ask them if they allow you to shadow them, as many doctors love to teach future medical students and share their experiences with them.  

Build Professional Skills and Boost Confidence

Once you have found a shadowing opportunity, make sure to stay confident. Keep in mind, the ultimate goal of shadowing a doctor is to gain clinical exposure to the medical specialty and learn how to practice medicine and provide excellent patient care. Make sure you dress properly and wear professional attire. Keep a notebook with you so that you can take important notes and patients’ information. Stay determined and show your enthusiasm and interest while working with a doctor. Furthermore, shadowing multiple doctor in different medical environments will increase your professional, leadership and problem-solving skills.

Helps You Choose the Right Career Path

Gaining a shadowing experience will give you a clear sense of what it’s like to be working in the field of medicine. It will help you gain hands-on experience and exposure that will show the medical school admission committee that you have the dedication to becoming a physician. Furthermore, gaining a shadowing experience will also help you choose the right medical specialty and what type of physician you would like to become. Obtaining some experience will give a better understanding of a career path that might be a good fit for you.

Diverse Clinical Exposure

Aspiring physicians are advised to take as many shadowing opportunities as possible. Working with different physicians in different medical fields and medical settings will better prepare you for a career in the medical field. Whether you like pediatrics, cardiology, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, dermatology or any other medical field, gaining a diverse clinical exposure will help you in the near future.

Helps You Gain Strong Recommendations

Letters of recommendation are the most important admission requirements for medical school. Shadowing different physicians in a variety of specialties and healthcare settings will give you a great opportunity to receive strong letters of recommendation. Physician shadow letters will make your CV more impressive. When you have completed your experience, you can ask physicians you have shadowed to write a letter of recommendation which will improve your medical school application and increase your chances of gaining a spot in the best Caribbean medical school.

Make Your Personal Statement Unique

Medical schools receive hundreds of thousands of applications every year. You have to grab your attention by making your personal statement more impressive. Many medical schools prefer students who have shadowed a doctor or worked with people in different healthcare settings. Because these students experienced the realities of providing excellent patient care and are capable of fulfilling the physical and emotional demands of a medical career. Highlighting all the skills, strengths and qualities you have developed through your shadowing experience will make you stand out among other candidates.

Final Thoughts

Medical schools look for the best talent for their institutes. Getting a shadowing experience will show the medical school admission committee that you are capable enough to deal with the rigors and challenges of the medical profession. It will make your personal statement more impressive, improve your clinical skills, help you choose the medical specialty that suits your personality and prepares you for a lucrative medical career.


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