Given the rapid acceleration of technology today, will artificial intelligence (AI) ultimately have a major impact on the way leaders lead in an organisation? The answer is yes. In fact, jobs that were once thought to be immune to automation due to their heavy reliance for human analysis are now being challenged by AI.

The debate surrounding AI is never-ending. On one hand, leaders fear that crucial jobs will be lost to AI. On the other hand, leaders are expectant of the benefits that AI bring to the new workforce. Regardless of the argument, the truth is that AI will affect almost every job in the next decade. Instead of arguing whether is this for the better or worse, leaders should think about what this gradual change truly means for them and for the organisation in the long run.

A bot/human team
Instead of a team made up of humans, the future workplace would see a bot/human hybrid team. And leaders have to be comfortable working with that. In order for organisations to stay ahead in the technology rat race, leaders need to think about how to maximise the potential of automated and human team members and to deliver stellar results. The only way to do so is to encourage human team members to bring their A game to the table – creativity, innovation and expertise – the human touch which AI will not be able to deliver.

The integration of AI into the workplace implies change within the organisation. These changes means that leaders need to develop new skills and to be agile in the ever-changing workplace. Leaders need to be able to switch gears quickly and embrace a workplace culture in which successes and failures are both accepted regardless of whether it is a result of AI or employees themselves.

Emphasize soft skills
There is no denying that AI can replace certain tasks and at best, even seemingly replicate the human mind. However, while bots continue to advance in their ability to automate tasks and mimic the human mind, humans still have the upper hand in terms of soft skills. Strategic thoughts, feelings and experience are something which bota can never replicate regardless of how advanced technology might evolve to. This is where leaders should focus on – honing employees’ soft skills and developing employees to their fullest potential.

There is no avoiding the fact that AI will eventually affect the way leaders lead within the organisation. The big question is – are our leaders today ready?

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