Firstly, let’s get familiar with what a customer journey map is. It is basically a diagram or several diagrams that depict the various stages customers go through while interacting with a business. A customer journey map is a visual representation of the processes starting right from purchasing to sharing grievances on social media. Customer journey maps are an inevitable part of customer service today. Read on to know why:

Help understand the customers’ preferences:
A customer journey map that’s created using data-driven research, helps understand customers’ preferences of channels that they use to reach out to a business or get their products. It may be emails or live chat support or phone calls or whatever suits them. You can even predict the path of future customers, as well.

Enables the maximization of sales efforts:
Tracking various stages that the customers undergo during their interaction with a business, gives a clear idea on how customers proceed through the sales funnel. The customer journey path/ map hence recorded can then be used to make more sales at a quicker pace.

Helps identify pain points:
A number of customer concerns or leaky points in the business itself often go unnoticed. This is where a customer journey map comes into play. It helps identify customer pain points and hence lets you know how happy the customers are.

Facilitates segmentation:
A customer journey map enables you to segment user groups so as to personalize the experience they receive. Since different customers may have varying tastes and preferences, so, it’s obvious that they need different solutions. That’s what customer journey maps help with. You can easily use provide solutions tailored according to your customers’ requirements using these maps.

Creates empathy for customers:
Apart from providing a visual representation of a customer’s journey, a customer journey map enables you to create empathy for your customers. This further facilitates the implementation of growth-oriented decisions for the business.

Owing to all these benefits, customer journey maps are no less than a boon for the businesses today. So, if you’ve not yet created one, go ahead and do it!

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