Here’s Why You Can Live Happier in a Las Vegas 55+ Community

The years that follow your retirement are supposed to be some of the best times of your life. You have worked hard all these years to earn rest, relaxation and leisure in the warm sun. But if you don’t choose the right place to live once you retire, your happiness and satisfaction can suffer.

That’s why you might consider living in one of the 55+ communities in Las Vegas. This article looks at five reasons why you can live a happier retirement by moving to Las Vegas and buying a home or condo in one of the retirement communities. Onward!

Resort-Style Amenities
A happier life starts with having fun and stimulating things to do. One of the best parts about living in a Las Vegas retirement community are the resort-style amenities at your fingertips. From 5-star clubhouses and restaurants to swimming pools and sports courts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Start your day off in a state-of-the-art fitness center and improve your health. Then head out to the golf course to work on your handicap. Later, you can bask in the sun around the sparkling blue swimming pool and end the day relaxing in the spa.

There are tennis and pickleball courts where you can play and compete against your peers; not to mention tons of social and hobby clubs that bring people together to socialize and share experiences.

At the end of the day, living in a Las Vegas 55 plus community offers everything you’d expect to find at a world-class resort, yet near your home so that you can easily enjoy the amenities.

24/7 Entertainment

Las Vegas is well-known for its round-the-clock action and excitement. There’s the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, which has casinos, shows, restaurants and shopping. While this is where most of the tourists spend their time, locals can still head over to the Strip anytime they please.

If the Strip isn’t your thing but you want to take in the action, consider going to a professional sports game. There’s pro football with the Las Vegas Raiders and pro hockey with the Vegas Golden Knights. Both teams are beloved in Las Vegas and fans get to experience fast-paced excitement in world-class stadiums.

Foodies love Las Vegas, so if you’re in search of a retirement destination with outstanding food options, you’ll be right at home here. All throughout the city, you can find great food and drinks. From 5-star restaurants with celebrity chefs and local dives with hearty homemade dishes, to authentic Mexican joints and exotic cuisine, every palate can find its taste in Vegas.

Single-Story Housing

As you get older, it’s important your home is designed to accommodate your needs. Another reason to consider a Las Vegas 55+ community for where you end up living in retirement, are because of the 1-story housing options.

The beauty of single-story homes and condos is the fact that there’s no stairs to go up and down. This alone helps prevent falls and injuries. Not to mention that when you have only one-story, there’s less space to heat and cool, saving you money on utility bills.

Plus, there’s just something beautiful about a well-designed and built one-story home. In Las Vegas, there are many retirement communities with single story houses built by top builders, such as Del Webb. Check out Sun City Summerlin or Siena and you just might find a one-story home with stunning views of Las Vegas.


Tired of loud kids and teenagers with their pranks? How about that twenty-something year old next door that’s having parties until wee hours of the night? One of the reasons why people choose 55 and over communities for retirement are because of the age-restrictions.

When it comes to overall happiness, living in a neighborhood where it’s quiet and peaceful can go a long way. You’ll get better sleep at night and have less to worry about. Additionally, you get to be surrounded by similarly aged and like-minded peers, which can help you make more friends during your golden years.

Great Weather
Last but certainly not least for reasons why you can live a better retirement in Las Vegas 55+ communities, is the great weather and climate of Las Vegas. Snowbirds love it here, thanks to more than 300 days of sunshine per year. It’s a dry climate overall with very little rain. Warm temperatures year-round make it a great destination if you want to remain active throughout the year.

Two of the best seasons in Las Vegas are fall and spring, when temperatures are consistently in the 70s and 80s. Summer can get hot, with temps over 100 degrees. However, it’s a dry heat and you can still get out to enjoy what Vegas has to offer. In the winter months it cools down into the 50s and 60s, which is a nice break from the heat.

The bottom line is that retiring in Las Vegas means living in a great climate year-round. Not every retirement destination can say as much!

Choosing to live in a 55 and older community in Las Vegas offers many benefits and advantages for today’s retiree. From the amenities and weather to real estate and entertainment options, there’s much happiness to be discovered here. While Las Vegas isn’t for everyone, you just might find your slice of paradise in the desert. Consider the reasons above and come take a look for yourself!

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