When you have something that needs translation, it may be tempting to just ask someone on your team to search for the translation on the internet. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should take that task somewhere other than a search engine - and somewhere other than your own office.

Machine Translation Just Isn’t Good Enough

Most of us use machine translation at least once in a while. It’s everywhere - in our online search engines, on our mobile phones, and more. These services are quick, easy, and often free, but they can help you only to an extent.

Most of them admit this upfront; to get accurate, professional results through these services, they often encourage you to pay for additional resources such as human proofreading. The problem is that then, they’re no longer free, quick, or easy - and if you’re going to pay for translation, you really ought to trust the results to a professional, human brain.

Your Translation Task Might be a Specialized One

There are many translation tasks that can’t be handled by machines because of the intricacy of the text, but there are also some that can’t even be handled by the average translator because of the contents. Those that contain terminology specific to fields such as medicine or law require additional specialization in the skillset of the translator. As such, you should always verify that the professional you’re working with can handle the task at hand - and that their offered quote includes this factor.

Interpreters are not Translators

It is important to note - just because you know someone who is fluent in a language doesn’t mean they can perform an accurate translation for you. Indeed, even Italian interpreters are not qualified English to Italian translators. These are two different, highly specialized jobs, so be sure to invest in a translator when that’s the kind of service you’re looking for.

Nuance is Important - and Only Professionals Understand It

Language is almost alive in the sense that it is constantly growing, developing, and changing. Because of this, every language contains nuances, colloquial terms, and changing word meanings that only a human is capable of keeping up with and understanding. What’s more, only a person who stays current with the language they work with - and the way it shifts over time - will be capable of delivering that nuance to their translations.

At the end of the day, if you want professional-level Italian translation, your best bet will always be to outsource the job to bonafide professional Italian translators. Whether you partner with translation agencies, freelance professionals, or one of many websites designed to match freelance translators to clients, the accuracy of your finished translation depends on you deciding to choose a human translator. Don’t settle for anything less!

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