Live chat has left no sector untouched! Whether it is the industrial sector or the hospitality sector, this amazing customer support tool sure has a crucial role to play. Let’s talk about live chat support for the hotel websites today.

What’s the first thing you encounter when you enter a hotel?

The reception, right?

The point is, you have someone to make you feel welcomed at the hotel. You can simply walk up to the receptionists and enquire about anything that you want to know. You just ask your questions and they provide you with every bit of information needed.

But today, when people are so busy, they find ways to save their time. They shop online, book flight tickets online, reserve hotel rooms online and so on. As a result, the businesses around the globe have turned digital and have made an online presence through their websites. However, when it’s about the hotel websites, it’s not that easy to provide an experience similar to the offline experience. So, how do they cope up with it?

Well, that’s where live chat steps in. The live chat can effectively serve as the reception and the chat support agents can readily be there to quench all the queries of the website visitors. Apart from this, there’s a lot that an effective chat assistance can do for a hotel website. Read on to know.

Live chat helps provide tailored query resolutions:

It’s a no-brainer that every business website strives to provide an exceptional customer service while making sure that the support agents remain highly efficient. That’s the main reason all such websites have FAQs pages. A live chat support on the website takes the FAQs page to an entirely different level by providing a real-time human engagement experience. It allows potential guests to ask specific questions on which they cannot find an answer elsewhere. The tool further helps provide vital information which can’t be communicated through the general website.

Helps eliminate negative WOM:

There are instances when a potential crisis situation begins to flare up. If there’s an efficacious chat support on the website, the live chat agents can effectively be the first line of defense for the hotel. They can engage in meaningful conversations with the customers, clear any misunderstandings, enlighten the customers about the facts and eventually stop negative guest reviews on review and rating websites.

Allows the live chat agents to upsell to the customers:

The chat support team is not just limited to assist the guests with the best offers and bookings. They can take the online support a step further by using it to upsell potential guest on special breakfast and dinner deals. They can also enhance the customer experience by recommending nearby attractions. After all, when the customers book a hotel room, they wish to get the most out of their booking. So, offering them a deal that can actually appeal to them and can make their stay enjoyable is more like providing them what they’ve been wishing for.

Eliminates the chances of a failed checkout process:

Whether it’s a hidden query or a difficult checkout process, there’s always a probability that the customer may abandon the website midway. The hotel websites can simply eliminate the chances of abandonment by applying the proactive chat approach. The approach would help address any issues people may encounter, no matter how far they are in the purchase cycle. Live chat agents can be there to guide the customers at every step and eliminate any chances of the customers getting frustrated due to lack of assistance and choosing a competitor!

That’s how a live chat assistance makes difference to a hotel website and helps increase the average booking value of the hotel!

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