A well organized bathroom can be a relaxing haven when you need to take care of yourself. Getting ready to go to work, or out for a night on the town is a lengthy and frustrating process when your favorite essentials are lost in the clutter of an unorganized bathroom. Keeping your bathroom clutter-free will reduce stress, and time wasted looking for missing items. If you want a space where you can go to easily make yourself look your best, organize your bathroom.

Finding Ways to Organize Every Space

Having a storage unit above your toilet is a great way to save space, while adding some much needed organization to your room. Turn the empty wall above your toilet into a useful organization space with the Over Toilet Storage system.

The base storage unit has wonderful organizational features, including a toilet paper dispenser and a tissue dispenser that elegantly blend in with the fixture. Designed to standard measurements, the base unit fits around most toilets. The top storage unit installs on top of the base unit, and offers even more cabinet and shelf storage. For a complete look and total storage, the matching vanity unit fits next to the bathroom sink, and includes divided drawers and a magazine rack.
The Side Tank 4 Roll Holder keeps the toilet paper within reach. The holder stores up to four rolls of toilet paper, but dispenses only one roll at a time, keeping the other rolls neat and dry. Or, if you enjoy reading in the bathroom, try the Toilet Caddy. In addition to a toilet roll dispenser, it offers storage for up to three additional rolls, and a rack for your favorite magazines.

Organizing Your Shower and Bath

Regular showers and tubs usually do not come equipped with adequate storage space. With shampoos, conditioners, body washes, face washes, and shaving accessories the small, built-in ledges of your shower can easily become cluttered. A cluttered bath is unsightly, difficult to use, and almost impossible to clean. The Tension Shower Organizer saves the day with five expandable shelves that fit snuggly into the corner of most showers. Rubber pads on either end of the tension rod protect the floor and ceiling from scratches. Additionally, the rod is made from plastic coated iron to prevent rust and stains.

Keeping Your Countertop Clear and Organized

Countertops are another area of the bathroom that can easily become cluttered and unorganized. The Swivel 3 Tier Bath Counter Organizer holds your small toiletries, and sits neatly on the counter next to your sink. Swivel the organizer close to keep items on the lower two levels safe from splashes and spills. The top compartment is a perfect place to put your rings, while you wash your hands or apply lotion. Never loose a ring down the drain again!

The Touch N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser allows you to keep your toothpaste tube off the countertop, giving your more space and reducing sticky messes. Just touch the pump, and the ideal amount of toothpaste dispenses onto your toothbrush. The dispenser can hold all sizes of toothpaste tubes, and is easily installed, utilized and refilled.

Organizing Your Linen Closet

Out of sight, out of mind. When you can close the door on a space it’s easy to ignore the mess and clutter that fill it. If unorganized clutter has taken over your linen closet behind closed doors, the Willow Liner Three Basket Set will help you set things straight. This attractive trio of matching baskets is made from weaved willow, and with canvas liners in nude tones. Keep all the linens for your spare bed together in one basket. The next time you have guests you can get them set up quickly without the stress of hunting down missing sheets and pillowcases.
If you’ve organized your linen closet, and still need some extra storage space, the 5 Tier Shelf Unit is a great piece for your bathroom. A brushed nickel frame with chrome joints holds five glass shelves that have been beautifully frosted. It is quite an elegant addition to any bathroom.

The Glass Shelf with 5 Hooks is another way to add style and functionality to your bathroom. This tempered glass shelf has a steel base with a chrome finish, and five adjustable hooks. It’s an ideal way to hang and organize your towels and robes.

With a little discipline and storage, keeping your bathroom clutter-free is easy. Your efforts will be rewarded with a space that is well organized, easy to use, and beautifully designed. Choose organization over frustration.

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