Indian weddings are full of pomp, grandeur, rituals, and shimmering colors. It is a fun-filled episode and lasts for over a week. And bigger the event, more meticulous planning it requires. So, don't over exhaust yourself, start early to avoid any rushes, take it slow, and discuss with your families and partner, and be prepared for the fun.

Starting from preparing the guests list, the wedding attire, and theme, to Mandap hire, and entertainment - planning your own wedding is a tiresome task and when you already have a plethora of things to take care of it also becomes an extremely overwhelming task. To make your life easier, we have curated a wedding guide. It includes listicle of things that you must follow to plan a dream wedding which is sure to outlive all others for ages to come.

Tips for dream wedding plan

1. Discuss and Decide

You are planning to step into a new life with a new person and a new family. Start be inclusive from the first step itself. It’s a big day for your partner too, and they also have certain expectations, so listen to them. It will also help you to understand each other and know the likes, dislikes, and preferences of each a bit more vividly.
In spite of belonging from the same city and having the same standard of living, traditions, beliefs, and sentiments vary. And these, if not channelized carefully, can make things very uncomfortable. Have open table discussions to decide how you want to organize the wedding. Have a checklist in place and try to control the flow of the discussion. Thus, while having a productive discussion, you will make everyone feel a part of the wedding.

2. Well Research

A wedding plan includes financing, lead generation, numerous calls, hospitality, entertainment, gifts, and food. If you want to do everything perfectly without submerging yourself in a loan, you have to do rigorous research. Divide the task with your reliable friends and family members. Ask for a reference from people whose marriage you have attended and have enjoyed. Hiring professional photographers, DJs, wedding planners, etc. who understand your requirement are vital for a great wedding.

3. Selecting the Correct Venue

Once you have decided the wedding date, the next important thing is to zero down on the venue. And if you do not do it well in advance, chances are there that you will not get the location of your choice and preference. So, act quickly and book the venue on time. If you are planning a destination wedding, discuss the same with your wedding planner. Depending on your theme, they can guide on the best location. Season also plays a crucial role in deciding your venue – like it’s risky to have an open wedding in the monsoon!

Budget, the number of guests, food, and the flow of events are the other aspects that you must consider while deciding the venue of the wedding

4. Hiring Professional Services

Hiring proficient service of the photographer, make-up artists, caterer, and decorators not only gives the professional touch to our wedding, but they can also make your day more memorable and relaxing. They all must work together and create a harmonious event. Image having Punjabi platter in a Mexican theme wedding, or American cuisine in Bengali style wedding. There should be harmony between each factor, and the easiest way to do so is to decide a theme. Once a theme is selected, communicate the same to all the dealers, and ensure their collaborative effort.

5. Be prepared

In spite of planning everything with precision, anything can go wrong on that day. It's essential that while planning your wedding day, be prepared for any last-minute surprise. It's good to be optimistic, but, having a plan B is nothing but taking precautions.

No one wants to ruin his/her wedding day with last-minute surprises, but it's a grand and lengthy event. So, don't freak out with every small surprise, keep calm, and be prepared. Also make sure that the vendors have a contingency plan in place, in case the original fails.

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