At the end of your life, I want you to be able to look back and marvel at the way you handled your anxiety disorder. I don't want you to look back and think 'what if'? This path you are heading down may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but it is the path that you must take. Take it now, take your life back, and begin giving others permission to face their own fears through your actions. They will realize through your success that they have a choice that will lead them on the path to recovery from their anxiety disorder also.

Here is how you will know when you've recovered from your anxiety disorder:

When your body has had enough rest and nourishment that your energy is back and chronic fatigue is not an issue anymore.

When your fearful thoughts (which may continue to creep in) don't send you into the anxious cycle, and you can brush them off knowing that your past has given you enough information that the thing you fear most will not come true. This is just another false alarm.

When you stop giving attention to those false alarms, then the many faces of anxiety will recede.

When you begin to stop just THINKING positive, thinking that this alone will turn things around. Action is the main element that will turn your anxiety disorder around, in my struggles I was the most anxious positive person ever, but I kept telling myself lies such as things are getting better, things are getting better... THINGS ARE NOT GETTING BETTER, telling yourself the truth that things are not OK and this is not all there is to life, will get you to take massive action and celebrate the smallest victories.

When you start taking responsibility for your anxiety disorder. Certain factors such as your childhood environment may actually be a reason for your anxiety disorder that you are experiencing right now, but in the end when you begin to take responsibility for your issues you instantly stop playing the blame game and stop being the victim. Once you take the power back into your own hands, you will begin to recognize that you ALWAYS have a choice in the matter, it just takes time to recondition yourself until desensitization begins.

When your thoughts, emotions and physical body are in sync. It may seem that at the moment your thoughts are running out of control, you're emotionally unstable and you may feel completely fatigued or scared to partake in a daily exercise routine because of fear due to your heart. Once these three things are aligned and the daily struggle to have clear thoughts, to try so hard to be upbeat and the fear of exercising is gone, days feel enjoyable and easy for you again. No more fight or flight out of the blue and no more sweating the small stuff.

Author's Bio:
The Anxious Athlete is an inspirational success story of how a professional tennis player naturally overcame 6 years of anxiety disorders. Now those lessons learned are being taught to other sufferers so that they can turn their focus from their anxiety, to what's more important in their lives.