Traffic counter or a vehicular counter is a device that is installed alongside a road, Path, and the intersection where the number of vehicles is meant to be counted. They are a discrete and precise method of collecting accurate data on traffic flow. 

Traffic counters are very functional & help automated systems achieve accurate results equally on busy highways and empty streets. This helps not only in the traffic serving process but also gives accurate results and saves worker hours.

Benefits of using traffic or vehicular counter

There can be a number of reasons for choosing a traffic counter; let's have a look at a few of them. 

  • Low maintenance & supervision

They require little supervision or maintenance because they are intelligent transportation systems that work on theirs. They can be installed once and then left for as many times as needed. During this time, the counter is clicked all the traffic data 24 seven without overseeing even a single. 

  • Accurate results

Traffic counters help in better decision-making processes due to accurate results. They perform the best results regardless of the speed and volume of the traffic. Due to this reason, they are widely used by development enterprises, private individuals, local authorities, and councils.

  • Save time & energy

Traffic counters save time and energy, which is likely to be wasted on the manual counting of vehicles on stretchy roads. In low traffic regions, one can rely on their automation technology and leave them unattended for the duration of the study. This allows the business enterprises at the authorities to allocate their remaining sources efficiently.

  • Improve safety and work throughout the year

These portable devices have minimum security risks during extreme weather conditions. They work in every position (fixed, hanged, vertical, or horizontally) and condition (rain, sunny, windy, or snowy). But severe conditions such as low visibility due to fog or a sand or dust storm can decrease their accuracy of the manual account. 

Advanced automated traffic counters tackle these problems and perform consistently no matter if it is day or night and what are the weather conditions.

  • Detect the speed of vehicles

Advanced accounting systems can perform speed assessments. It means that they can be used to measure the speed of the vehicle and use it efficiently in case of any mishap. The information provided by these speed assessments can be used to locate potential accident hotspots even when the light is very low, or the vehicle is at great speed. This unmatchable feature replaces the use of traditional speed cameras.

  • Count individual vehicle data

These intelligent transportation systems can record the individual data of vehicles. This includes weight and speed. This data can be later on used for various purposes such as for assessing the road surface durability or to test the safety conditions in case of a stretchy highway. This data helps when it comes to measuring the durability and strength of a bridge. 

The individual vehicle service for the manual surveys fails at this point because they fail to capture the accuracy and the total number of vehicles and their weight.

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