A correctly calculated chart of the sky for the date, time and
location of a person’s birth is the focal point of scientific astrology.

This chart maps the life pattern of the person for whom it is

A Birth Chart (which is also known as a horoscope -- NOT to be
confused with Sun Sign “horoscopes” found on line or in the daily newspapers) can be calculated for things other than people. There are Birth Charts of countries, cities and the weather, for answering

questions and for selecting the best time to begin new projects.

All charts, of whatever nature, are calculated using precise
astronomical data. In other words, they are scientifically based.
There is much beauty and profound wisdom in classical scientific
astrology -- beauty and wisdom based in the universal symbolism
understood by the best minds throughout history.
It is not necessary to “believe” in astrology for it to work out in your life. In fact, the people who ignore it completely are the ones most likely to unconsciously follow its intrinsic patterns.

Astrology does not predict exact or inevitable events -- rather it indicates the kind and quantity of energy you have in your
personal bank account. Progressions tell you when your
investment in past experiences is mature, and when it will be paid in full, and with interest. If you are aware of it, and have prepared to make wise use of this abundant energy, then you’re ahead of the game. If not, you may spend it in bad health, a destructive lifestyle, unwise business ventures, bad relationships, or take it out
on family and friends. It makes good sense to know the odds of
your life if you want to play the “game of life” successfully.
All Birth Charts are divided into segments called “Houses” and
each astrological house indicates a particular department of your
life experience. The First house maps yourself, your personality
and the condition of your physical body (and its possible illnesses).

The Second House is your possessions and your financial
potentials. The Third House is your daily thinking pattern, your
basic education and your relationship to relatives. The Fourth
House indicates your home, family life and your relationship with
your father. The Fifth House is love affairs, issues involving
children, gambling and investing. The Sixth House is your
working environment and relations with coworkers or employees.
The Seventh House is marriage and other partnerships. The Eighth
House your partner’s money (in either marriage or business), tax
matters, money received from investments, or inheritances and the
deeper issues of life. The Ninth House is activities involving travel, religion and higher education. The Tenth House is your career, your employment potential, your activities in the business world,
your reputation and the relationship with your mother. The
Eleventh House is your friends and associates, your activities
involving clubs, etc. and your hopes, wishes and your attitude
about your future. The Twelfth House indicates the
disappointments you may experience, private matters and deeply
personal concerns you don’t often discuss, as well as any time you may spend in hospitals or other places of confinement.
Since a human being (or an event) can begin at any time of the day or night, it is important to determine just what portion of the sky occupies each of the twelve Houses at the time of the birth (of the person or the event).

For this purpose astrology has devised a measuring gauge known
as the ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the sun around the
earth (actually the path of the earth around the sun). The ecliptic
is a broad band around the earth known as the zodiac and through
which the sun, moon and planets weave a pattern unique to the
particular moment of birth. There are 360 degrees in this zodiacal
circle, divided into 12 signs of 30 degrees each. The 12 signs are:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,
Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Signs are categorized
by element and quality. i.e. fire signs, air signs, earth signs and water signs; active signs, stubborn signs and adaptable signs.

CHART. Some signs are more strongly emphasized than others in a
manner unique to the particular individual. Just what signs are
emphasized, to what degree and in what way, are important factors
discussed in any astrological reading.
The planets indicate the active psychological urges in the
unconscious mental and emotional make-up of the individual.
For astrological purposes, the sun and the moon are considered
“planets” even though we know that the sun is a star and the moon
is a satellite of the earth. Each of the planets appear in one of the
12 signs and this is determined by the exact time and place of
The sun is your life energy and vitality, your sense of importance
and the way in which you are in charge of your life. The moon is
your mental attitude, your feelings about home and family and
every day activities. Mercury is your mind, intellectual interests,
and your ability to speak, write and express yourself. Venus is
your emotions, your social life and artistic and cultural things.
Mars is your nerve, courage and ability to take the initiative.
Jupiter is your ability to be optimistic and also your wealthproducing potential.

Saturn shows how capable you are of working
hard, shouldering responsibility and willingness to make the
needed sacrifices to get ahead in life. Uranus is your sense of
individual freedom. Neptune is your imagination and your
potential psychic ability. Pluto is your willingness and ability to cooperate with others (or its lack) and the cooperation you are likely to receive from them in return.
The planets in each Birth Chart interact with each other in a
pattern based on specific mathematical measurements known as
aspects. Aspects indicate how one psychological urge is linked to
another psychological urge in the particular individual’s unique
make-up. The aspects indicate connections between the various
areas of life experience (shown by the Houses previously
mentioned) which bring into your life particular experiences and
events related to those specific areas of life.
The job of the Hermetic Astrologer is to give you very specific and detailed advice that will enable you to get the most from your
personal astrological pattern, with the aim of helping you to be
happier, more productive and more authentically spiritual than
otherwise would be the case.

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Rev. Dr. Durocher holds degrees in Religious Science, Metaphysics
and Biblical Studies, as well as a Doctorate of Divinity. In addition
to spending several decades independently researching the
Gnostic, Hermetic and Qabalistic Traditions, he is extensively
trained and certified in the teachings of numerous esoteric
schools, including The Brotherhood of Light/The Church of Light
(known as the “Harvard” of astrological schools); “Dr. Russ”
provides counseling services worldwide, offering clients from all
walks of life effective tools for greater happiness, success and
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