A hernia is a weakness in the abdominal wall, that often results in bulging out of fat, which then occupies space under the skin. It appears like a sac and is usually formed due to weakness of abdominal muscles. The opening in the abdominal wall through which the fat or organs protrude is called the Hernia defect.
A hernia can affect anybody. It is found in both sexes, can occur at any age and sometimes infants may be born with it. The only solution for Hernia Treatment is surgery with millions of cases being treated every year.


1) A weakness of the abdominal wall muscles
2) Increased intra-abdominal pressure
3) Lifting heavyweight
4) Chronic Constipation
5) Poor nutrition (lack of fluid intake)
6) Severe Cough.

A hernia is usually diagnosed by mere clinical examination with reference to the patient’s past history.

Treatment for Hernia

Healing Hands Clinic is a specialized clinic for treatment of Hernia in India. One of the most advanced techniques for hernia correction - the 3D Mesh Hernia Repair is routinely performed at the center and the results have been very encouraging, especially considering the tendency of a hernia to recur after a surgery. Benefits of hernia surgery through 3D Mesh technique are as follows:

• Minimal number of stitches
• It provides the benefits of strong posterior repair like a laparoscopic procedure
• An almost negligible recurrence rate
• Can be done under local anesthesia
• Discharge from the hospital within 24 hours
• A shorter recovery time compared to the older techniques

Self-Care for Prevention

• Avoid activities that exert the strain on intra-abdominal muscles
• Maintain a healthy weight or lose extra weight
• Consume high-fiber food and drink plenty of fluids
• Avoid smoking cigarette
Exercise regularly

Healing Hands Clinic has been recognized as ‘Center of Excellence for 3D Mesh Hernia Repair’ by Dr. John Murphy, Ex-President – American Hernia Society. All the doctors and surgeons at all the centers of Healing Hands Clinic are internationally recognized and very well qualified. The clinic has centers at Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Baner, Chakan, Chinchwad, Nashik, and Bengaluru.

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