What is Hernia? In the simple term, when an organ or internal tissue peeps out through a hole in the muscle, it is called a hernia. If a hernia is small, then it may not even require any treatment. However, large hernias need to be cured by using a surgical procedure which is known as Herniorrhaphy. The surgery is done to keep the displaced tissues in the proper place. It is amongst the commonly happening surgeries nowadays. When a person gets admitted to the Best hospital for hernia repair in Bangalore for Hernia repair surgery, diagnostic tests are conducted to assess the overall health condition. An ultrasound test reveals the exact condition of a hernia. A blood test gives the overall health status. If everything is well, then the doctors plan the surgery.

Types of hernia repair surgery

Based on the surgical mechanism, two types of hernia surgeries are there:

Herniorrhaphy or Tissue Repair

It is the conventional method that is still used popularly. The patient is supposed to stay in the hospital for a week or so. Since a long incision is made over the hernia to place it back to the original position, it is considered a complicated surgery. After the right placement, the sides of the muscle openings (from where a hernia protruded) are stitched. It takes a few days for the patient to get discharged from the Best hospital for hernia repair in Bangalore.

Hernioplasty or Mesh Repair

It is the advanced method where surgeons cover the muscle opening shut with a special sterile mesh. This mesh is made of flexible synthetic fibers or animal tissue. Small cuts are made around the hole according to the shape of the mesh, and the patch is stitched into the other healthy tissues in the surrounding areas. Since the weak tissues around the hernia use the mesh for support, they grow relatively fast.

Recovery time depends on the frailty of the patients and not the age

All hernia patients are treated using the same surgical procedure; the recovery time is different for each patient. Experts say that frailty is the major aspect that decides the recovery time. The risk of getting infections increases if the patient is weak. The longer a patient stays in the hospital, the risk is higher. Even clinical research programs were conducted to establish the correlation between the overall health of the patient and recovery time. The results confirmed the hypothesis. Hence, doctors should consider this aspect.AV Hospital is considered as one of the Best hospitals for hernia repair in Bangalore, they have well-experienced hernia surgeons provides treatment for various types of hernias.

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