Everyone loves superhero films. I’m not sure about you but I sure do! Whether you’re a fan of the righteous heroes or the witty villains, we all can agree that the never ending battle between good and evil can be really entertaining.

But have you ever realised that most of the time these so called ‘villains’ actually do have a decent reason for their actions. Some even go far enough to say that their ‘evil plan’ is for the betterment of the planet. So that brings us to the question that if both, the Heroes and Villains are doing what they do because they each believe that they are doing the so-called ‘right’ thing, then how do we know who really is ‘good’ guy or the ‘bad’ guy?

It might seem like I’m over-analysing the whole thing but believe it or not, this is actually a conflict that we face in our everyday lives. For example, we are all told to be ‘good’, and to be ‘polite’ and not offend anyone. But there’s a small problem here. When we are ‘nice’ and ‘polite’, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are being truthful.

For example, someone who really annoys you starts talking to you. You try your best to dodge the conversation and try to avoid them. But eventually he or she just starts talking to you and can’t seem to escape. What would you do? Would you sit there and listen as that person continues to annoy you? Or would you just make an excuse and leave? But we’d all have to agree that it would be so much easier if you’d just tell that person that you found him or her annoying from the beginning and you might not have taken so much effort in avoiding that person. That's called being truthful! (www.ascendancepro.com)

Many people would disagree saying that by doing that, they would seem ‘mean’ or ‘heartless’. And they might even go to the extent of saying that it would only upset the other person. Well, if that is your concern then it can be easily handled by using diplomacy and by using a softer tone at that moment. By why is that even after knowing that, many people still feel uncomfortable with the idea of telling the truth?

It’s because we’ve always been told to be ‘good’ and to be ‘nice’ to others. We’ve been told to tell the truth only if it wouldn’t hurt anyone and that it’s better to lie if telling the truth would ‘hurt’ others. Does this mean that telling the truth in some situations is bad?
The problem with that is that Truth isn’t good or bad, it’s just the Truth. (Actually, here's an article that we uploaded lately on The Good, The Bad and The Truth. Check it out here http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/the-huge-difference-between-right-wro...)

There’s another problem here. Everyone is busy championing the good and neglecting the bad. When a ‘good’ person comes along everyone would always seems to like him. But if there was a ‘bad’ person everyone would just ignore or throw insults to that person.

Now think about these people, what really makes a person ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Is it the words they say? The things they do? Is it true that good people only behave in a ‘good’ and ‘proper’ way? And is true that bad people are bad all the time?

If you think about a killer, someone who is responsible for taking someone else’s life, you would say that he’s a ‘bad person’. But what if the person that the killer killed would have eventually destroyed the whole world and if not stopped that person would have caused mass chaos? Who’s the Hero and who’s the Villain? In this situation is the killer really the bad guy?

What’s the difference between a hero and a villain? Is one better than the other? I don’t think so. The difference between them is only your perspective of them. The good and the bad, which seem completely opposite, are actually just the same thing in a different light.

So, the question isn’t who would win in a battle of Good VS Evil.

The question is, what’s the Truth behind it?

- Harsha

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