Change is the essence of existence. There has to be changes in order to bring new idea in the spotlight. The World has faced many changes and the shape of the world has changed from time to time. The same principle applies to recruitment as well. The method of recruitment has also changed from time to time.

Earlier there was no involvement of web technology and things happened manually. There was also postal system of job application as there was no presence of the Internet. People had to move to the place of the interview in order to get a job, after getting the call letter via post. The entire process was lengthy and cumbersome that took time for the recruiters to select candidates for a particular post.

With the pace of time, things have changed. The internet brought the concept of online job application where a job application can be easily sent to the recruiter by uploading the bio-data. This was a far better experience for the job seekers as it saved their time and money as well.

Nowadays, the concept of the video CV has opened many options where a job seeker can upload a video CV of his own and catch the attention of the recruiters. Uploading a CV in word or pdf format is still on the move, yet a video CV has many things to do for a job seeker, who is hunting for a good job.

A video CV has given a good platform to the job seekers. It gives a clear picture to the recruiters about the skill sets of the job seekers. It is entirely different from the normal biodata that is displayed in word or pdf format. The new method saves a lot of time and the recruiters can easily shortlist the candidates.

A video CV is the best platform to sell your skills and experience in the job market. It helps the job seeker to stand out in the competition and distinguishes your resume from the rest. The approach is very simple and one of the best ways to beat the competitor’s in the job market. The recruiters also appreciate this new method as the new concept has made online job search simpler.

Employers have widely accepted this modern idea as it is a great time saving concept. The recruiters are happy and they are spending less time now to see your profile. The idea has spread worldwide and it has kept the recruiters as well as the job seekers one-step ahead.

Author's Bio: 

The Author of this article, named Jeo Nash, has made a detailed analysis of the job scenario of the present market, and concluded the fact that a video CV enhances the chances of online job search from different sources.