Whether for competition or personal satisfaction, there are millions the world over who are dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding. Serious bodybuilders will go to just about any lengths to increase their muscle mass, tone and definition. Unfortunately, this has led many to take dangerous shortcuts, including the use of steroids. These substances can increase muscle mass dramatically and rapidly, but the toll they take on the body can cause an outbreak of dreadful side effects.

Human growth hormone is another substance that has the potential to help bodybuilders develop and improve their physiques. Unlike steroids, however, HGH is produced by the body itself, and as such, its effects on muscle development are entirely natural. Building lean muscle mass is one of HGH's primary functions in the body, eliminating excess fat from the body at the same time. It is also tremendously beneficial for bodybuilders because of the role it plays in promoting and increasing the synthesis of new protein so that tissues broken down in an intense workout can be rebuilt.

The Difference Between HGH and Steroids

While HGH certainly plays a constructive role in the development of larger and more defined muscles, it is important to note that adding HGH to the body via injection will not have the same effect as injecting steroids. HGH does not make muscles grow bigger and bigger; in fact, it really does not make muscles grow bigger at all. What HGH does is boost the body's overall muscle-building system while also assisting in the repair of muscle tissue broken down during workouts. Recovery time is a big factor that determines how much and how often a bodybuilder can train, and HGH reduces recovery time through its restorative and energizing effects.

How to Increase HGH in the Body

Injections of HGH have not been approved for sporting organizations, but there are supplements available that can deliver human growth hormone orally, where it can be absorbed successfully by the body. Amino acids are recommended for bodybuilders who want to increase HGH levels naturally through nutrient-based stimulation of the pituitary gland. Vitamin C, vitamin B3 and foods rich in antioxidants can also have a positive impact on the body's ability to produce HGH.

Training helps bodybuilders produce more HGH, but only for workouts that last 45 minutes or less. After that, the production of HGH will trail off quickly, and there is little to be gained by continuing to lift weights beyond that time limit. Another very important factor that determines how much human growth hormone the body can provide is sleep. In fact, 75% of the HGH the body makes during a day is manufactured during sleep, or more specifically during REM sleep.

Better Workouts for Building the Body

HGH is not a substance that builds muscle mass directly. Because it is produced naturally in the body, the role it plays is that of a facilitator, helping the human body build its strength, energy and vitality. HGH for bodybuilding allows bodybuilders to increase the intensity and the frequency of their workouts, while also giving them the energy they need to push themselves to greater and greater heights of achievement.

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