Human growth hormone, or HGH, is responsible for a lot of the strength and vitality that healthy human beings normally enjoy. Unfortunately, as people age their ability to produce HGH slowly declines, and physical problems of various types can develop when HGH is no longer plentiful enough to aid necessary vital functions. As a part of this process, physical strength and energy begin to wane, and people feel less able and prepared to do the things they have done before.

However, there are methods available that can help restore human health by replenishing the body's supply of HGH. When human growth hormone levels begin to rise, there are a number of health benefits people will begin to experience, including better immune system function, increased joint flexibility, smoother skin, thicker hair growth and increased amounts of energy. Another change is that body fat is gradually replaced with greater lean muscle mass, and it is this last change that gives HGH its capacity to aid in muscle growth.

HGH and the Strength of Hercules

It is important to understand that while human growth hormone can play a role in muscle growth, the natural increases in lean muscle mass that accompany increased levels of HGH in the bloodstream does not mean that a person who takes supplements will suddenly look like a bodybuilder. Lean muscle mass is the raw material that makes stronger muscles possible, but it is still up to the individual to develop their new lean muscle mass by lifting weights or performing other types of strength-related exercises.

The addition of more lean muscle mass gives an individual greater potential for increased strength, if they use exercise to help increase the size and stamina of that new muscle tissue. Also, because HGH plays a constructive role in cell growth and repair, elevated human growth hormone levels help muscles rebuild themselves faster, which means the body needs less rest time between workouts. So not only does HGH give someone more raw material to work with if they want to build strength, but it also allows a person to increase muscle development and growth more quickly by allowing him or her to increase the intensity and frequency of their workouts.

The Use and Abuse of HGH for Muscle Growth

Because of its ability to help build muscle and increase strength, HGH has gotten a lot of attention from athletes who are looking for any edge that might help them perform at a higher level. The most potent type of HGH treatment involves the direct injection of synthetic human growth hormone into the bloodstream. The only problem, however, is that this treatment has only been approved for use in people who have a medical condition causing HGH deficiencies, meaning that most athletes can only acquire injectable synthetic HGH through the black market. Pushing things even farther underground is the fact that most sports leagues and associations specifically ban the use of performance enhancing substances, including HGH, so athletes who wish to get HGH injections must operate in a netherworld where product quality and safety are far from guaranteed.

Because synthetic HGH is so potent, it can easily be over consumed, and too much HGH can cause a number of problematic health conditions. The most common of these is called acromegaly, which causes the overproduction of bones, cartilage and connective tissues in the body. People with this condition suffer from excess growth in the face, hands and feet; a protruding jaw; thickening in the joints; growth in the size of inner organs; and heart disease and high blood pressure that result from enlargement of the heart. This condition has been shown to lead to premature death in some instances, and its symptoms have been found in many athletes who have chosen to take synthetic HGH illegally through injection.

A Better Way

For those who would like to take HGH for muscle growth legally and without risk, HGH supplements offer interesting possibilities. These oral supplements do not contain HGH, but rather mega-doses of natural ingredients that have been proven to enhance the ability of the body to produce its own human growth hormone. The pituitary gland, which makes HGH in the body, tends to suffer a decline in its production capacity as we age, leading to a variety of health problems related to HGH shortages. But HGH supplements can rejuvenate the pituitary gland, allowing the body to elevate its HGH levels in a completely natural way.

While HGH supplements do not provide the same immediate burst of HGH that injections do, after two or three months of regular consumption, supplements can increase HGH levels enough to allow certain changes to manifest, including an increase in lean muscle mass. In combination with strength-building exercises, there is no question that increasing levels of human growth hormone in the body can aid in the process of muscle development, and anyone who is looking to increase their strength can certainly gain great benefit by using HGH supplements.

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