HGH is widely known for slowing the physical signs of aging, increasing energy levels, and generally improving health in those who take it on a regular basis. However, one lesser known positive benefit that those who use HGH tend to experience is improved sleep cycles and a feeling of being well rested as they go about their daily activities. Because naturally produced HGH is generally secreted at its highest levels during deep sleep, it seems only natural that taking HGH supplements affects sleeping in general and that HGH improves sleep in many instances.

HGH And Sleep

HGH has been proven to help people suffering from insomnia get a full night of healthy sleep in scientific studies, though no one is quite sure how HGH manages to aid sleep yet. HGH doesn't technically do anything science has pinpointed to produce sleep directly, but it does have a number of indirect benefits that can improve your chances of getting a good night's rest.

Here are some of the benefits HGH provides that may help you sleep better at night:

• Better Heart And Lung Function - Breathing easily and resting comfortably has always been a prerequisite for a good night's sleep. HGH supplementation has been shown to help improve cholesterol ratios that can keep someone's heart functioning well while improving lung function to enable deeper breathing. While HGH won't solve any medical conditions that require heart or lung help, the hormone will make sure healthy adults function at their best.

• More Energy During The Day - HGH is associated with a general increase in vitality that can make it easier to stay active and interested all day long. While people tend to slow down as they age and feel less inclined toward the enthusiastic level of energy that the young possess, HGH can help people of any age stay at top speed. A full day of being active and involved will help many with insomnia issues get a better night's sleep.

• Higher Metabolism - A higher metabolism can help a body burn fat and use up energy all day long. The relationship between a high metabolism and a good night's sleep goes both ways, with those who experience high metabolism sleeping longer at night and those who sleep well increasing their metabolism. Either way, high HGH improves sleep and metabolism for many who choose to increase their HGH levels as they struggle with weight issues and insomnia.

• Healthier Weight - HGH builds muscle mass while removing unwanted body fat, creating the ideal environment for healthy weight loss. Being overweight can have quite a few negative effects on sleep in general, and by removing weight related sleep issues, HGH may help those with this issue sleep longer and better at night. As an added benefit, a good night of sleep can help someone with a weight problem drop the extra pounds even faster.

Natural HGH is produced in its highest quantities while people are asleep, so it is only natural that having a healthy amount of HGH would encourage high quality sleep. HGH may not make you stay in bed longer, but a good supply of HGH improves sleep quality to the point where you shouldn't need to sleep excessively to feel the full benefit of a good rest. Consider HGH if age related issues or poor general health are making it difficult for you to sleep through the night.

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