Human growth hormone is responsible for helping children grow in height and muscle mass until they reach adulthood, making it completely logical to assume HGH can encourage muscles to grow. A few recent scientific studies have shown muscle growth to be a benefit of high levels of HGH production; opening the door to helping those going through the natural HGH decline of aging grow muscles like they were many years younger. Read on for a little bit more on how well HGH increases muscle mass in adults that would otherwise be experiencing age related muscle decline.

Increase Muscle Mass

HGH has been proven to increase muscle mass in scientific studies that watched people who did not change their lifestyles respond to HGH supplementation. While this increased muscle mass did not immediately correspond to a similar increase in muscle ability, it is reasonable to expect muscle ability to start reaching potential once new muscle mass is regularly exercised and properly supported with a healthy diet. In one large study, HGH was able to increase muscle mass by over eight percent.

Burn Unwanted Fat

Lean muscle mass means very little when it is buried underneath the fat that most people start to accumulate as they age. By using HGH supplementation, people can start increasing muscle mass and burning fat at the same time. HGH will help your body burn through existing fat reserves to encourage the creation of lean muscle while limiting the uptake of new body fat by forcing the cells that become fat to be used as energy.

Helping HGH Work For You:

• Combine HGH With Exercise - HGH increases muscle mass whether or not you exercise, but regular exercise is what it will take to turn that healthy lean muscle mass into extra strength and endurance. If you're serious about using HGH to become stronger, consider the same exercise regiment you would follow if you were using no supplementation at all. Muscle mass will start replacing unwanted fat no matter what you do, but only serious exercise can help you get the most out of your new muscle.

• Eat A Healthy Diet - Don't assume that HGH alone can do all the work of eating healthy without forcing you to change your diet. HGH does a great job of building muscle, but it takes a healthy dose of the right nutrients to make sure you're capable of exercising that muscle to help it meet its full potential. A healthy diet should be a solid part of anyone's plan to grow lean and healthy muscle mass, but those looking for a short cut often use HGH without bothering to examine how they eat and then get surprised when they don't feel any better after regular use.

With the right attitude toward making a healthy life change, HGH can be a great way to build healthy lean muscle mass while reducing body fat. HGH cannot solve all the problems brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle or the issues of aging alone, but it can take steps toward helping older adults live at their full capacity for a longer time. HGH increases muscle mass with almost no effort at all, though you'll still need hard work and exercise to turn that muscle mass into extra power.

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