High cholesterol is very dangerous. If you are told your cholesterol is high, your doctor can help you on medication because he or she knows the risks. Your chances of heart attack, stroke or heart disease are generally much higher.

So, what are some causes of high cholesterol?

Each reason is not yet known, but the medical establishment has found some very strong correlations that can help you understand what is causing the cholesterol in the blood.

Unhealthy diet

The first and most important cause of high cholesterol is a diet that is high in saturated fat. Bacon, red meat, shell fish fats, processed foods, and fried foods, food products, for example, is associated with elevated cholesterol levels. These foods are special fats and cholesterol. Many animals, such as cows and pigs have a lot of cholesterol themselves. They are mammals like us, and their bodies require cholesterol to survive. When we eat these animals, their cellular cholesterol swallow us when we eat a burger or some pork chops.

In addition, few vegetables, fruits and fiber rich foods diet helps with high cholesterol. Science has proven that many of the plant material has been shown to reduce cholesterol. Some substances act as cholesterol and take their place in the body to reduce the level. Other substances regulates liver function and make sure that only certain cholesterol is produced. Finally, the fiber has been shown to reduce cholesterol somehow int he blood volume. Eating healthy food is a great way to avoid those high cholesterol causes.

Lack of physical activity

Exercise has so many benefits, I'm surprised I do not see on the streets is the district boundaries. Hormones we release when we exercise any other activities not released. These hormones releases enzymes that are vital for a variety of functions.

In addition, the heart and blood vessels helps to increase heart health, improve arterial vessels and width helps to transfer more blood circulation throughout your body, and much more.

If you do not use you also risk gaining weight. Weight gain is one of the main causes of high cholesterol.


Causes of high cholesterol is your hereditary background. The liver is the organ where cholesterol is formed. What makes the liver to produce cholesterol? Studies have shown that different people produce different cholesterol. In addition, scientists believe that, depending on where you come from, your liver produces more or less of cholesterol on its own. This is partly due to the evolution of different diets, developed over centuries, especially in parts of the world.

What can you do about high cholesterol?

Now that you've read about high cholesterol causes, perhaps you would like to learn little-known secrets about fixing the problem or prevent cholesterol rising to dangerous levels. Taking cholesterol-lowering supplement is a natural way to lower your cholesterol. Many pharmaceutical companies are actually trying to use the legal power to stop these companies from these supplements because they imitate prescription drugs without side effects.

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