Do you ever talk more than your prospective client? Do you pursue a client from your need to help? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are most likely a high connector.

High connectors are often highly empathic. We—yes, I am a high connector and quickly tear up during Hallmark greeting card commercials—can understand others so well we can lose ourselves in their stories. Even if we have not really “been there,” oh, for sure we’ve “been there.” Small service-based business owners easily fall in this category. We often go into business for the precise reason of wanting to support others, while overlooking the fundamentals of business—making a profit.

I’m a big fan of pursuing passion as a guide for business coaching clients who leave the corporate world to start and operate their own businesses. Pursuing passion and being a high connector are great and exhilarating, and they can be draining. Notice when your body becomes slack. To provide the best and most effective service, high connectors need to protect themselves and their business to ensure profit.

As my coaching and consulting business evolved from business and organizational consulting to more business coaching, especially after completing several coach training programs, I discovered that wanting to help clients was taking over wanting to make a profit. I was overlooking the basics of business.

While coaching is in my bones, business is in my blood. My grandfathers were small business owners. My father was an independent outside sales person. There were times growing up when I saw my Dad more passionate about his customers than about the products he was selling. He loved his customers and they loved him. Yet, when he failed to make his numbers, he quickly rebalanced for profit.

I recognized my own need for protectors when I started waffling about fees. I wanted to help. Yet, I was hurting myself and prospective clients. We were co-dependent, with me enabling them to stay in their pain.

We cannot help everyone. We are not supposed to help everyone. We are meant to help specific people. When clients do not uphold their part of the contract, including payment and attendance, energy between you and the client is blocked. When clients leave your business (whether it is their decision or yours), I find myself challenged to stop myself from thinking, “I could have helped that person.” Instead, reframe to, “That person will find the right help.” Wishing them well and releasing them, as a parent does a child, is best for both.

Being selective about with whom you work can be challenging for high connectors. Especially when potential clients say they have money issues. Give your client selection muscles a good workout. Grab your protective gear. Money is not the issue.

Profit from being a protector. Protectors make a profit.

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