According to 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) published on May 7, by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
In 2010, the sales income of high-end equipment in China was 1.6 trillion yuan. Manufacturing industry high-end equipment sales volume will hit 6 trillion yuan by 2015.
China’s fast-growing industrial economy is conducive to the booming sector of manufacturing industry.
China’s equipment manufacturing industry is big, but not yet strong Since in the past it did not focus on high-end products.
It is familiar that made-in-China products are well received by people in the world. It also took up a lot of material resources.
Foreign high-end equipment providers usually charge high prices for their products while made-in-China products can not be sold at a high price.
The industry need to be reframed since the government can put more resources in high-end products rather than supporting made-in-China products.
The industry mainly includes aviation equipment, satellite and applications, railway transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment, and smart manufacturing equipment.
China’s equipment manufacturing industry has been growing at more than 25 percent annually over the past decade.
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