Shoes are indeed the most integral part of wardrobe. Finding the shoe which is stylish yet comfortable and sync with your rest of the wardrobe could be travail. However, things get more convoluted when shoe hunt is for women. Women happen to be more fashion conscious and trend follower. In their pursuit of finding the well designed and trendy footwear; they, sometimes, opt for something that can harm their health. Yes- it is an out rightly wrong perception that footwear has got nothing to do with health. In order to fathom this entire phenomenon that links footwear with health; we need to understand the "heel conundrum".

Yes-I am using the word conundrum. Heels have always been topic of discussion among the different segments of society. Gender experts have always been quite vocal about heels and there have been several potent arguments in the advocacy and adversary on the size of heels. Some feminists argue that heels are used just to enhance the woman's sex appeal and water down her image to a "sex object". Some have gone to an extent that long heels are used just to make women stagger slowly and portray her as delicate and vulnerable creature who completely depends on men. In this article I will shed some light on how heels can affect you feet and how to make them least harmful.

How long heels can harm you?

When you wear high heels longer than usual, you are putting your feet in an abnormal position. More the feet remains in this position, more it can cause the Achilles tendon to shorten. When the foot is bent towards front side, ball of the foot and toe will have to carry the weight. It increases the chance of damage to underlying soft tissue. I have met and heard about people who, in their penchant of adopting new styles, have undergone complicated foot and toe related surgeries.

However, the more complicated and long lasting problem oversize heels can cause is spine problem. When women wear big heals, they automatically push their centre of gravity towards forward. It makes their spine carry the most of their body weight to make them stand straight. When a survey was conducted, many women facing spine problem turned out to be the victim of oversize heels.

How to make heels least affected?

It is simply not possible for women to abandon the heels. Some wear them to look tall, some likes them and some just want to satiate their appetite for fashion. Best way to make heels least affected is minimizing their use.

1) If you are wearing heels in office, put them off while you are sitting and wear them again when you have to move.

2) If you know you have to wear shoe with high heels on weekend, reduce their use in the weekdays.

3) Buy comfy slippers for home and comfortable sneakers to run errands to compensate the damage cause by heels.

4) Get a nice pair of wedges shoes. Their thick and wide heel is bit comfortable; furthermore, the can be used for formal and casual occasion both.

Young girls are more exposed to the injuries cause by big heels because of their predilection towards new vogues. In their Endeavour to stand out from the herd, they do not feel hesitate to go over the board even on the expense of their health. Balance is the key. Wear heels if it's inevitable, but wear the intermittently.

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When you wear high heels longer than usual, you are putting your feet in an abnormal position.

Get a nice pair of wedges shoes.