Tablets and capsules have always remained the most popular pharmaceutical dosage forms, and the trend is not likely to change in the near future. Even within these solid dosage forms, pharma manufacturers are coming up with various innovative ideas to get a leading edge over the competitors. Manufacturing tablets/capsules of different shapes and sizes is one amongst them. Initially, the rationale behind this idea was to facilitate the manufacturing processing, to ease administration by patients, and sometimes to improve the functionality of the drug delivery system. However, now the tablets/capsules of varying shapes and sizes have become a part of brand differentiation, and recognition. Besides, it also enhances the product appeal which is an added benefit to the brand.
However, when it comes to packaging, this same unique feature presents the biggest challenge to the pharma manufacturer. Using a tablet packing machine to pack a unique-shaped tablet in a blister packet with high-speed and accuracy is a critical process and that is where the vital role of feeding systems come into the picture.
Feeding system – the heart of the packaging line
A feeding system can be considered as the heart of packaging process. It determines the output speed and governs the efficiency of not just the tablet packing machine but the complete packaging line. The right solution for each and every product is crucial for cost-effective production. There is a need for a feeding system that can continuously feed a range of solid dosage drug delivery systems, such as, tablets or capsules of various shapes and sizes, at various feeding rates. The feeding system should also exhibit high accuracy and speed which are the keywords for pharmaceutical packaging. Accuracy is required in terms of multi-feeding or feeding a wide variety of tablets, capsules of different shapes, symmetries, and sizes that need to be fed in the right blister formed cavities whereas, conducting feeding at high-speed is equally important for maximum productivity.

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