If you are a lady who’s struggling to get rid of menopause belly fat this selection of high protein snacks will surely be of interest to you personally!

It’s well known between the fitness and health experts that one of the most effective ways to naturally raise fat burning capacity is to include protein foods in every meal - snacks included.

Aside from acting as natural metabolism boosters, foods high in protein are usually nutritionally packed as well. This usually means they'll keep you feeling full longer mainly because they take more time in order to process through your digestive tract.

When you’re feeling full of course, you’ll often be less prone to cheat or stray from your weight reduction plan.

Also, if not more relevant, is the fact that thermogenic benefit derived from these foods is shown to be an astonishing 40% greater in comparison with high carb food items.

To put it differently, high protein foods can enhance your metabolic rate (which is essential to burn up stomach fat) by a whopping 40% more than carbohydrates! Yes, you read that correctly!

Because so many women have inquired about these type of snack ideas recently, I decided to take note of it and made up a list of one or two of my personal favorite snack food items.

A lot of these are what I typically rely on while I "do my day", so to speak, and often will suggest them to my clients.

I promise you I’m not a culinary arts graduate by any stretch of the imagination, and so you won't find a long list of ingredients. I personally like fast and easy; snacks that anyone can put together in a few minutes.

These high protein snacks are super hassle-free, require hardly any ingredients and are quick and easy to make. They taste terrific and many of these will definitely travel quite nicely too if you’re away from home and would like to steer clear of the fast foods.

A further alternative could be to have a couple of nutritional bars with you, however, you have to be careful with them; study their ingredient lists. You may be surprised to find that a few may be no more nutritious than a candy bar!

So as to keep it simple and easy, I generally suggest portioning 1 serving size measurements in advance and storing them where they’re easily available and you'll be less tempted to over eat.

Here are just a few easy to prepare high protein snacks you can attempt right away:

Egg whites and hummus - slice a hard boiled egg in half and then swap the egg yolk with hummus. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with hummus, it can be best described as a spread that's made by using ground up chick peas, seasonings together with lemon juice.

Apple pieces and/or celery stalks along with a nut butter. This travels well if you first divide the apple/celery and pack it into a plastic container, along with a second smaller sized container with a pre-measured 1 - 2 tablespoon portion of your preferred nut butter.

If you've never tried almond butter, do consider it. It’s a wonderfully nutritious nut butter that will add a whole new flavor to your food! Buy it organic too whenever possible.

Wrap thin slices of lean turkey, roast beef or maybe chicken breast around cheese cubes and then warm them up slightly. Place on a ½ slice of Ezekiel bread or better yet, wrap them up inside a lettuce leaf of boston bib lettuce. Simple, but oh so good!

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I really hope this selection of high protein snacks has motivated you to do some of your own testing and experimenting. Just be creative and have fun with it! For more snack ideas you can check out high protein snacks at http://www.BellyFatBlues.com
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