Air showers are clean room equipments that offer an effective method of removing the dust particles and other particulate matters deposited on the skin surface and clothes of a person prior to entering the clean room. These equipments are used worldwide in molecular biology and biotechnology research laboratories, defence installations, research and manufacturing units of companies and other high-risk research organizations.

Air shower rooms are the specialized antechambers present at the entrance of a clean room that blow air on the user from different directions to remove excess dust and impurities, prior to entering the chamber. They use a highly efficient and fully washable pre-filter assembly and HEPA filters with around 99.97% efficiency to keep the working area contamination free.

The air shower works by bathing the user in clean air coming from the pre-filter assembly at an appropriate velocity that effectively removes the superficial and even deeply lodged and stuck dust particles. The used air then recalculates through the HEPA filters to maintain a sterile atmosphere within the chamber at all times. The air showers are generally equipped with ionized grids and safety glazing for increased efficiency and safety.

The more sophisticated models of air shower use fully equipped tunnel systems that are pre-wired and self-contained. Moreover the interlocking doors provide added safety by completely eliminating any chances of contamination. Most of the models use microprocessor based programmable controls for illumination, air flow, air velocity and opening and closing of the access door. However, in the event of a power failure, the interlocking magnetic doors of the air shower open automatically, thus preventing the user from being trapped inside the chamber. The use of high quality fluorescent lights ensures adequate illumination of the interiors. The pre-filter assembly, HEPA filters and fluorescent lights are usually mounted at the ceiling of the chamber for minimal turbulence, whereas the air nozzles are arranged in a uniform pattern on the ceiling and the walls for homogenous distribution of air.

The air showers use high quality industrial grade timber and highly resistant, non-corrosive metallic sheets or stainless steel as construction materials for increased durability. The working surfaces are either epoxy coated or laminated to meet the clean room specifications.

They are available in both standard and customized finishes in ergonomic designs for increased versatility with programmable operation that allows the user to control the degree of illumination, time of operation and opening and closing of the air nozzles for increased efficiency.

The equipment uses highly efficient blowers and motors that produce least vibrations and noise. The air shower rooms are available in different sizes and door configurations in pleasant aesthetic designs. The device is also equipped with audio-visual alarm system and emergency setting buttons for added safety.

These air showers conform to the international standards and are highly efficient. They are easy to operate and maintain and are quite economical as well. They are used in high-safety research organizations, food and dairy industries and other manufacturing units and industries on a routine basis to ensure good quality products with a high degree of purity.

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