We all need a fence to keep our property safe. Building a wall is an option but it takes time and there are many other considerations such as the cost. The cheaper and faster option is to make a fence. You can put this up around the property in no time and it will keep strangers and wandering animals away.

Use of concertina coils

For high security establishments such as prisons and military encampments, we need fencing material that provides extra security. For this purpose, we use concertina coils. These are coils of steel made with sharp razors or barbs at regular intervals. You can get the exact configuration from the Concertina Coil Manufacturer. The diameter of the concertina wire will be around 2.5 mm and it has a tensile strength of 60 kg/sq.mm. The galvanized wire thickness should be greater than 120 g/meter. The galvanized steel wire blades must be 0.5 mm and be spaced at 4 cm. When you need more security, decrease the spacing between the coils.

Chain link fence practicality

For most other common purposes, we use a chain link fence or hexagonal mesh wire fencing. The chain link fence consists of wire strands of galvanized steel or stainless steel. This may have a coating or not. The coating consists of PVC or zinc. Zinc is preferred since it gives better protection from rust at a lower cost. But there are those who prefer PVC because it looks better and gives reasonably good protection against rusting.

For fencing of farms and large industrial areas, a chain link fence is ideal. It keeps things secure for long wall mining and factories since we can get this in our required specifications. It remains compliant with international standards when it comes to durability and strength. But, the most important factor is that it does not cost much. You can contact the Chain Link Fence Manufacturer to know more. Hot dipped galvanized chain link fencing is long lasting. We can use this type of fencing for farms, warehouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and parking lots. It is low maintenance and so many owners prefer it. The wires are interwoven into a mesh commonly known as a fabric of the fence. Chain link fences made by hot dipping method are stronger than PVC coated fences.

Use of gabions

In many places we use gabions to make thin walls form narrow depth gabions. They require vertical faces for support, and since they are narrow, we have to provide more support for the structure to remain stable. This we can do by providing metal or concrete posts at regular intervals. This metal post is provided inside gabion baskets. We can use a range of metal baskets made for this purpose of 4mm metal wires. Minimum depth should be 0.3m preferably 0.5m.

Hexagonal wire mesh fencing is most useful for light fencing work. This hexagonal wire netting is made by twisting carbon steel wire or wire coated with zinc or PVC. We can use this netting as light reinforcement in cement slabs and in splinter-proof glass making.

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