According to a poll take by MSNBC men and women were asked what personal qualities had the greatest impact on the success of their careers. Naturally, men and women differed when it came to the importance of intelligence, ability and 'looks.' (I know... what a surprise) BUT the one thing they did agree on was the importance of self-confidence. As you can imagine self confidence is of 'mucho' importance when it comes to speaking. I am sure you know that people judge and size you up in about five seconds when you first meet them. The eye contact you make along with the firmness of your handshake that you make with them.

Your Audience Sizes You UP Immediately! Be Ready!

Well, you can well imagine how an audience is sizing you up when you take the stage. They judge you by your body and facial movements ... and of course, how you deliver your speech. Here's some interesting info for you.

• Speakers who happen to engage their audiences
with stories instead of reading bullet points tend to be
considered to have high self-esteem.
• Speakers with flat voice tend to speak in a low volume.
They are judged as having low self-esteem.
• Speakers that make strong eye contact and feel comfortable
within their skin and use natural hand motions are considered to
have strong self confidence.
• Speakers who tend to trail off their voice are considered to have
low self-confidence.

Imagine Having Low Self-Esteem And Still Being Wealthy Successful

It all makes sense, doesn't it? Now, I don't know what your self-esteem level

BUT I personally know a successful guru and he actually reveals to his audience that he has 'low self esteem.' Believe it or not... it doesn't hurt his presentation. It actually creates empathy with his listeners. They think, 'WOW! He's that wealthy and successful - has this image problem with himself and still accomplishes his goals. If he can do it... so can I.' He did thiss for a reason. It was a self-improvement seminar.

Now, I am not telling you to take that course of action in your speaking especially if you're representing your company and are trying to sell your audience on your goods and services. Your audience of business men might think: 'Gee, does this guy need a hug or something?' What I am presenting to you is that in the beginning of your speaking career you some times have to 'fake it' to 'make it!'

“Yes, Grasshopper… You Must Be ‘In The Moment’ When You Speak

There are times when I am in one of my moods... feeling low... but the minute I hit the stage I put that all behind me. You should always focus on the 'here and now now', be truly engaged and present (even if things aren't going well in your life at that moment) when you speak. I am not a shrink (although I've played one on television.)BUT if you have to work on certain personal issues - do it! But don't let it effect your speaking. In fact, I am betting the more speaking you do, the more stage time you get, the more successful you become, the higher self esteem you will have in all aspects of your life. It has for me. And I know it will be for you.

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