A paid position of regular employment for a task or piece of work doing regularly, casually, and occasionally or buying and selling of the product is known as a job. A job earns money where one accomplishes its responsibilities and duties which includes social and physical work environment. Every job has its own unique identity, rating, quality and usefulness. There are several jobs like engineer supervisor, foreman, chartered accountants, doctors, software developers in India and each job has its own perspective and pays.
Getting paid highly is not easy as it needs qualification and knowledge.Let’ see the highest paying jobs in India.
1. Commercialpilot: The job of a commercial pilot is highest paying job in India it’s a very glamorous job with a fat package of Rs.1.5-2 lakhs per month. After passing class 12th with physics and math’s one can go for the very crucial training for 200 hours of flying and ground training, though it’s a very difficult job because one has to be in air a lot which is tiring, mentally and physically draining.
2. Doctor: job of doctors is considered to be as a Highest Paying Jobs In India. It’s a well - respected job paying Rs.6-8 lakhs annually. There is never recession in the medical field as the need of health care increases the demand for doctors also increases
3. Chartered Accountant: this profession has full control over business and accounts, it controls the company’s financial growth and undergoing. To become a chartered accountant one has to pass exams that are extremely tough. The candidates who exceptionally passes the ICAI exams enters with the package of 5,50,000, at the mid of career Rs. 12, 80,000 the experienced ones earn around 27, 00,000.
4. Oil and natural gas sector professionals: this is the huge profit earning profession and pays the highest salaries around Rs. 15-20 lakhs with lots of perks, the best earning sectors of this field are marine engineers, geologistsetc.
5. Management Professionals: this sector is highest paying jobs in India as management profession is a wide sector encompassingmarketing finance, human resources operations and logistics. After completing the MBA when can unlock these jobs at campus recruitment and can earn around 20 lakhs package.
In my opinion there is no specific field that pays the highest its ones hard work and determination to earn and get paid more.

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Getting paid highly is not easy as it needs qualification and knowledge.Let’ see the highest paying jobs in India.