Heading a company comes with great responsibilities. A CEO has many things to manage ranging from development of the company, motivating the employees, to taking risks which can make or break the company. Even a CEO who occupies the top most position in a company & has the best experience of all needs advices & help. There are things which a CEO cannot share with his employees owing to the importance of his position, or due to the inexperience of his sub-ordinates at the level of a CEO. This is where CEO Peer Advisory Groups come into the picture. For a company to succeed, good networking is required to know what’s trending in the business world, & to understand things from other’s perspectives.

A CEO Advisory Group consists of like-minded people, such as CEOs & other members holding top positions in various companies, who come together to discuss the issues they face with their companies, or to seek advice & discuss matters concerning work. Pooling ideas & trying to help each other out enables them to learn new things & get motivated.

So how must a CEO select the right CEO Peer Group? There are many different CEO Advisory groups, & each group deals with a different domain of business, like sales & marketing, production, finance etc. A CEO must join one by talking to friends & acquaintances that have experience with Advisory Groups for CEOs. He can also be a part of more than one CEO Advisory Group if time permits. There are also groups on social media where you can discuss & find out more about these Advisory Groups. CEOs are busy people with time constraints. And each group has a different participation criterion. Some require participation for 8 hours a month, while some require 5 hours a month. There are other conditions that are considered for including a CEO into Peer Advisory Groups, like the age of the participant/CEO, man power of his company & others depending upon the group.

These meetings are not just restricted to sitting around in circles & asking & answering questions, it is made a lot more fun by organizing social functions & annual retreats, which help in building a good friendship & trust among the members. There’s more to these Peer Advisory groups. The participants can also discuss personal issues, if the group allows it.

Peer groups can be very helpful, particularly to people owning startups. Since startups have a limited work force & may not gain access to top groups, they can start by joining Peer Advisory Groups meant for smaller businesses. There are many examples wherein the association with Peer Groups has helped companies reach their full potential in the business world. So, if you own a business & want to make it big in the business world, join a Peer Group & find out for yourself how successful this form of social interaction can make you.

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