Read this article to learn about the top-rated Magento payment extensions for 2020. Hire developers from the company for Magento development in Sydney for the best services in this field. 

Choosing a stable Magento payment gateway is a huge responsibility for E-Commerce stores. Every owner wants to ensure that their customers experience a rich and smooth user experience so that they return back to buy from the same online store again and again. The payment mode one chooses should also choose their company’s long term and short term goals.  

For the year 2020, the platform of Magento has come up with some exclusive payment gateway extensions that provide extensive functionality along with a rich experience of usage. While the technical integration of these extensions can be handled by the Magento developer in Perth, the task of the owner is to select the best payment medium for themselves.  

Some of the highest and topmost rated Magento development extensions for the year 2020 are as follows -  

1. One Step Checkout for Magento 2

This Magento extension is able to handle all the complicated checkout procedures under a single page. The customers can complete their transactions within a minute. This way, sales are also improved. Without having to fill information and details on multiple pages, the customer will just require to input the shipping address, shipping method, payment mode etc in a single page. That is all. Hence this extension also satisfies the customers to a huge extent.  

Feature list - 

  • Simplified functioning and highly responsive
  • Auto filling address with Google photos 
  • Popup for confirmation 
  • Compatibility with third-party modules 
  • Built-in delivery data and delivery pickup input feature 


2. PayPal Multiple Currency for Magento 2

This extension also makes it easy for customers to handle their payment tasks. It allows flexibility through which one can convert the currency which is not supported in other mediums. The currency chosen also stays intact throughout the whole checkout process. 

Feature list -  

  • Support all currency with PayPal standard and PayPal 
  • Make the payment in foreign currency possible 
  • A one-click easy setup 
  • Supported by 2.0.x, 2.1.x, Magento


3. Paytrace Payment Gateway for Magento 2

Today, this mode is one of the most widely used for E-Commerce stores, offering superiorly functioning, efficient payment processing facilities. While being PCI certified, it offers a verified methodology for direct transactions while the extension facilitates the job of checking whether the customers can buy their products. All this happens naturally on the checkout tab due to which the customers receive prompt messages.  

It also provides easy links between the Magento 2 store and the card processing service. Another brilliant advantage of this feature is the need for a username and password to get started. Hence, adequate protection and authentication of data are provided. 

 Feature List -

  • Compatibility with the 2.2.x and 2.3.x extensions of Magento  
  • Majorly accessible for all types of cards 
  • Secure checkout for encrypted cards 
  • Consist of a storage vault that protects customer data and reduces liability 


4. Monetico payment Magento 2 

This is another useful extension and also very popular for the year 2020. It is certified by Elsner’s certified Magento developers which allows payment through their classic package. This is a customised mode which can be easily integrated into the online store and gradually adapted to the entire volume of sales and also the industry.  

The customer can make payments from all over the world on a 24*7 basis without any limitation of boundary and time zones.   

Feature list - 

  • Fully Automatic updates 
  • Authentication of payment enhancement codes 
  • Adaptable to the latest trends 
  • Improvement in customer experience
  • Compatible with Magento 2.1.x and  2.2.x


 5. Elsner Magento NetSuite Connector

Since Magento is popular for creating upgraded websites with instant solutions, it is also greatly supportive in amplifying business expansion and growth. However, with a functional extension like this, the features get highlighted more. NetSuite ERP is cloud-based, which manages businesses on one single platform. E-Commerce sites with complex operational procedures make use of this to handle supply chain activities, customer relationships, management of warehouse etc. this integrated software improves the productivity and efficiency of the business and the features are also enhanced. 

The integration of NetSuite requires one to utilise a tool which is known as a connector. With this, both platforms are integrated into one, therefore automating orders, refund, cancellations, availability of the product etc.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an experienced Magento Developer in Perth working with a leading company named PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to help the readers learn about the top-rated Magento payment gateway extensions of the year 2020.