Most of the people in India communicate with common language called Hindi. The Hindi is also a national language of India. The print media in the India develop the Hindi news paper, which shows facts to all the people in the nation. To print media or electronic media to write or read they should be good in Hindi literature. The people in the country speaks Hindi so, most of the books are printed in the Hindi language also. The recipes books which are used to cook are also available in the Hindi language. In this books all recipes in Hindi only.

The art of collective information of written works of particular language, period or culture is called literature. It is written works of information which are only of artistic value. Literature helps us in knowing any information related to that topic which is written. It is also defined as the art of letters. Language uses literature more as many letters or terms of those languages are derived from that language literature. Every language has its particular literature which helps in writing and speaking. For example Hindi language is explained in Hindi literature and by using this only we are able to write or communicate.

Hindi News is the best way to know about things happening around us. Because, Hindi is the national language of India, we can watch the news without any language problem. News in Hindi is broadcasted all over the world. The Hindi language helps many of the people in different ways, who can speak only Hindi as it is national language it was speaking by most of the people in the country. The people came from other states and if they don’t know how to cook, they can easily manage by the recipes in Hindi language.

The Hindi language is very useful to the people around India and it is useful print media or electronic media to navigate their news in Hindi. While navigating the Hindi news the people should know the Hindi literature perfectly, because if any mistakes in the print media and electronic media may damage their reputation and leads to court case as it is national language. The books of different stories and biography of great persons are also printed in the Hindi language. The people who don’t know cooking for them to help in cooking books are also available in Hindi language as recipes in Hindi.

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