News is collection of information about any particular topic or incident. People watch or read news living in different parts of nation. So, national and Hindi news should be presented in several languages like Hindi, English and more. English News and Hindi Newspapers are viewed more by the people all around the world. Language is the source by which we can communicate with other people. People in different states of country speak different languages. But there is a need of common language to communicate with people in other states. So in the year 1950, the Indian constitution has declared the language Hindi as national language of Indian country.
News in Hindi is broadcasted all over the world as it is one of the national languages. In different states, newspapers are released in several languages like Hindi newspaper, Telugu newspaper, English newspaper and more depending on the language used in the state. Hindi language is preferred by more number of people in India because it is easy to understand. We can communicate and express our views through this language easily and comfortably. Cricket news and some important educational news is the best way to know about things happening around us. Because when we are in the country we can know anything easily, but when we are outside the country it may be difficult for us. To overcome this difficulty, Hindi news helps us.
Newspaper is the written or printed form of collected information of any event or incident. By reading the newspaper in Hindi News Paper, we can know all the things happening around us. Newspapers are of different types namely daily newspaper, weekly newspaper and monthly newspaper. Cricket news is one of the most popular games played in the world. People are very enthusiastic to watch cricket irrespective of their religion, caste and region. They want to know time to time updates of the cricket matches in Hindi news.
The cricket news which provides information about cricket is called cricket news. From this news, we can know the tournament that are going to be played and matches between countries. If this cricket news is in Hindi news channel, then it will be more beneficiary. People in different parts of country watch cricket or listen to cricket updates so if commentary of cricket is in Hindi then they can understand clearly and enjoy the match more. Hindi newspaper has the more number of circulations as Hindi is national language and it is spoken in many parts of country. Because of reaching out all the masses at all levels, Hindi newspaper has become very popular.

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