Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana, Jaishankar Prasad, Gopal Das Neeraj, Ashok Chakradhar- may be you have not heard these names. Many of us have very little or even no knowledge about the legendary Hindi poets. They are the some of them who make India proud with the beauty of their Hindi poetry. Hindi is our national language but still very few Indian loves to speak and read Hindi. Hardly, we see any Hindi poetry lover in our surrounding. Hindi poetry and even Hindi language is lagging behind. It’s only we the Indian who are responsible for this. Being our national language Hindi is not getting its place in the heart and minds of people. You can take example of any government or private organization, everywhere English is giving the priority.

Still there is little place left for Hindi in our nation but if this will continue, the coming generation is not able to taste the beauty of Hindi poetry anymore. In school, children were encouraged to study English poetry or literature and due to that somewhere Hindi is losing its importance in the hearts of people. Its not that Hindi is ignored in private institutions but same the case in government institutes. The government also doesn’t boost the people and children towards our national language.

We go to any organization we were forced to converse in English in any field we go into. On seeing this criterion parents also want to encourage their children towards the activities that focus on English language and not Hindi. Because of showing lack of priority the Hindi language, Hindi poetry suffers in our country. If we don’t show the interest towards the Hindi poetry and give it enough respect then who are going to do this for us.

People are losing interest in reading Hindi poems as they have mind set that English poetry is far better than Hindi poetry. Also, they find it boring to read as they have no keen interest in reading the words written in their own national language. All this happen because they have no habit in reading Hindi much. The great Hindi poets are losing their respects in the eyes of people. Their work has been not given that credit which it actually deserves.

If this will continue there will be lack in readership of Hindi language but also we lack in poets and writer who write in Hindi. Hindi is more expressive language then English and thus Hindi poetry is one the most meaningful thing to read which contains feelings. It all depends upon the people and their mind set what they want to read and write. Although one can best come up in expression and speech when he or she writes in their mother language that is Hindi.

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