Hindu marriage is probably the most traditional style of the world. Indeed, the traditions have been traditionally preserved and applied according to castes and regions. Hindu marriage is primarily an agreement between two families before the union of a man and a woman. The Hindu marriages are mostly arranged, as the love and inter-caste marriages in the Hindi matrimony is generally not acceptable.

The Three Stages of Hindu Marriage:

The pre-wedding rituals: Generally, a mediator facilitates the meeting between the families in Hindi Matrimony. During this, the people formally meet and the girl and boy are introduced, and if the match is compatible and other things go well, wedding is fixed. The horoscopes of the boy and girl are matched and the date and time of the wedding ceremony are fixed. On a certain auspicious day the families of both boy and girl meet and shower the boy and girl with blessings and gifts. The boy and girl then exchange rings and are officially engaged.

The Wedding:

The wedding ceremony is generally celebrated a few days, weeks or months of the engagement. The bride and groom are dressed beautifully to look their best on the most special day of their life. The groom goes to the bride’s place with a procession, where he is welcomed by the bride’s family. The bride is accompanied by her maternal uncle, sisters or friends and is taken to the stage, where the couple exchanges garlands. During the main wedding rituals, the couple takes vows around the sacred fire and takes seven rounds around the fire together. The groom puts vermillion in the hair parting of the bride.

A wedding strengthens the relationship between the two families. For example, the sister of the groom accompanies the bride and her family during the wedding rituals. The groom gives a ring to the brother of the bride and the bride and groom are blessed by the parents. The groom also gifts his sisters-in laws with lovely gold rings.

The parents of the bride give adieu to their daughter and send her to her new home with lots of blessings and gifts. The bride enters her new life with her husband and she is given a warm welcome with a number of rituals.

The Post-Wedding Rituals:

When the bride and groom reach their home, they have to put the right foot first. A fun-filled atmosphere is created with games which are played between the bride and groom. The games are thoroughly enjoyed by the family as well as the couple. The games are played in order to make the bride familiar with the family members and make her feel comfortable with everyone.

After the wedding, the couple goes to the temple for and worship together. The groom promises the bride that he will take care of her all necessities. In the evening, a grand wedding reception is organized in the Hindi matrimony, and the bride and groom are gifted with the gifts which are important for their future life.

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