Prostatitis is one of the highest incidence rates in men, which shows how fragile the prostate is. It's not that the prostate is vulnerable, but that men lack a sense of protection. Prostate disease in men after the condition will have an impact on sexual function but also cause urination pain and other symptoms.

Therefore, prostate diseases, especially prostatitis, need treatment. For prostatitis caused by pathogenic bacteria, doctors will choose appropriate antibiotics according to the examination results. Because most patients are sterile, the effect of antibiotics is limited.

Therefore, more and more patients begin to prefer natural therapy. The more effective is herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms and causes without side effects.

Many doctors also recommend going home for a hot bath. What are the benefits of this method?

In the clinical treatment of chronic prostatitis, many doctors often require patients to take appropriate hot water hip baths on the premise of routine therapy. Even without any special treatment, they can only take hot water hip bath as the treatment means.

Actually, the principle of hot water sitting bath is simple. The patient's body temperature will rise, muscle and meat will relax, blood vessels will expand, blood circulation will accelerate, promoting the dissipation and absorption of local inflammatory exudates. And it will make the patient feel warm and comfortable to alleviate clinical symptoms.

A hot water bath does not need special equipment, and patients can operate at home. It is convenient and straightforward. It is an effective auxiliary measure for the treatment of prostatitis. The precise method is to add nearly half of the basin water into a large basin and place the buttocks in the basin after the patient discharges his stool. Under normal circumstances, the water temperature should be 40 ~ 42 ℃, each sitting bath for 15 ~ 30 minutes. The water can be heated in the middle to maintain the water temperature 1 ~ 2 times a day and adhere to the treatment until prostatitis is cured.

Hot water sitting bath is also a kind of heat radiation therapy to promote perineal blood circulation! Of course, it also includes the blood circulation of the prostate! But prostatitis patients can not achieve this effect without sufficient temperature. Hot water sitting bath, an adjuvant treatment that men can carry out at home, can reduce local discomfort and relieve frequent urination symptoms.

Suppose you can often take a prostate hip bath. In that case, it can significantly promote the local blood circulation of the prostate and enhance the disease resistance of the prostate tissue and improve the related functions of the prostate substantially. It will be helpful for the improvement of male function and sperm quality.

But please note that this method is only once a day! No more than 30 minutes at a time. The sperm in the testicles will be killed after the high temperature! "Must be careful." It should be generally prohibited for unmarried or unborn young boys because long-term hot baths will increase testicular temperature, thus hindering testicular spermatogenesis. In severe cases, it will also lead to changes in other functions and structures of the testicle so that the testicle will fall into a state of paralysis.

In addition, type X testicular injury may reduce testosterone secretion, which may lead to the early offline of estrogen deficiency syndrome in middle-aged and older men. Therefore, for general patients with chronic x prostatitis, we should carefully choose a hot water hip bath.

From the above description, hot water sitting bath is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is recommended that patients carefully analyze their condition and whether it is ideal for a hot water hip bath not to aggravate their condition.


In addition to the good effect of prostate hip bath, it is also helpful to maintain sufficient rest and sleep, adhere to persistent aerobic exercise, and stick to the regular functional routine of levator ani muscle. These measures help improve prostate function, prevent recurrent prostatitis, and improve male sexual function.

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